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Basil Springer: What Have We Learnt? How Can We Change?

Basil Springer: What Have We Learnt? How Can We Change?
Basil Springer

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” – Romans 12:2


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – On October 16, 2017, I penned a column entitled TIME FOR CHANGE NOW.

More than two years hence, we have an even greater challenge in search of a sustainable economic path.

Over the last two to three months, the COVID-19 intervention has forcibly induced a new modus operandi where the majority of the population has been under a “Stay-at-Home” public order and our borders closed in an attempt to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. The economy has predictably declined.

For me, this period included quiet reflection as to how we should manage the new norm when the public order is gradually lifted, and the borders reopened. I would like to share with you some food for thought in relation to two compelling questions: “What have we learnt in the process?” and “How can we use this information to effect change?”

We need to attract abundance into our business, finance, human / intellectual / emotional, natural / physical / social / cultural, and spiritual health.

Business fuels economic growth. We have learnt that business success is driven by revenue and retains its buoyancy by cleverly controlling costs and boosting productivity. We can use this information to aggressively promote entrepreneurship, leveraging the shepherding model where:

  • (1) entrepreneurs virtually pitch their innovative ideas with potential to create exports or displace imports;
  • (2) experienced shepherds share their business experience with entrepreneurs and get paid out of future profits (just like a financial investor) while mitigating the risk of business failure and securing the financial investment; and
  •  (3) the local private sector and the Diaspora, with government incentives, invest in an expertly managed seed/equity/working capital entrepreneurship fund which further invests in the individual businesses.

Financial security brings peace of mind to you and your family. We have learnt that business profitability is the linchpin for financial security. We can use this information to stimulate innovative thoughts of mounting a startup business with your savings from home. Of course, you will need injections of passion, perseverance and patience as you optimize your business and reinvest your profits in the business on your way to success.

The human resource is the most important resource, we must develop it to the fullest. We have learnt that certification that is not tied to employment is a workforce development waste. We can use this information to adopt a STEAM (science, technology engineering, arts, and mathematics) approach.

STEAM uses project-based teaching to holistically foster students’ skills in creativity, design thinking, technical literacy, collaboration, and problem solving.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. We have learnt that however sharp the mind is it is eventually of no use to mankind unless it is housed in a healthy body. We can use this information to revise our mix of nutrition, sleep, exercise, peace of mind and touch strategies to maintain physical fitness in the new dispensation.

On earth, we are spiritual beings attempting to master a human experience. We have learnt that whatever our physical constraints, the spiritual energy of our being is unaffected.

In this midst of despair, let us use this information to embrace love, peace, prayer, family and togetherness in our search for happiness.

Basil Springer: What Have We Learnt? How Can We Change?



Dr. Basil Springer GCM is a Change-Engine Consultant. His email address is [email protected]. His columns may be found at and on



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