Bahamas Telecommunications Company and Bahamas Ferries form new partnership

NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) Ltd. and Bahamas Ferries have launched a new initiative to display BTC’s logo on the Ferries’ vessels and ticket jackets, Mr. Leon Williams, Chief Executive Officer, revealed Monday, July 17.

“BTC is proud to announce its newest partnership with Bahamas Ferries an initiative that will afford BTC the opportunity to display BTC’s logo on the Bahamas Ferries’s vessels and on the Bahamas Ferries ticket jackets,” Mr. Leon Williams, BTC’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, said at a press conference on Monday, July 17.

Mr. Williams said the BTC-Bahamas Farries partnership is a “natural fit” as both companies have a vested interest in servicing The Bahamas with excellence.

Mr. Khallis Rolle, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Bahamas Ferries, said BTC and Bahamas Ferries have a lot in common as they believe in connecting the world, quality service and pleasing customers.”

Mr. Rolle said he believes the partnership will pave the way for more business in the future between the two companies.

Bahamas Ferries will also sell Hello, Quickcell and Rockit and showcase BTC’s Hello napkins.

Mr. Williams said BTC will continue to partner with local businesses to ensure that all customers remain connected to the world.

BTC also launched a new campaign that will cover Arawak Cay with Hello, the premier long distance phone card of The Bahamas.

Mr. Williams said BTC will furnish participating vendors at Arawak Cay with Hello paraphernalia, including banners, placemats, coasters and napkins.

The participating vendors include Bruno’s Seafood, Red Snapper, Kemp & Sons, Remelda Davis Kitchen, Foxy’s Fish Fry, Big 10, Tropical Cool, Seafood Haven, The B-Man, Oh Andros, Twin Brothers, Candies, Spangle Rock and ice cream parlour, Sumtin Good and Belly Full.

Effective July 17, BTC has launched a new promotional campaign entitled 40-40-40. BTC is celebrating its 40th anniversary and for the next 40 days customers can call anywhere, except Europe, for 40 cents a minute.

Mr. Williams said the campaign is the brainchild of Mr. Antonio Stubbs, Senior Executive Vice President.

“This serves as an opportunity for BTC to celebrate its 40th anniversary while offering our customers the best long distance rate,” said Mr. Williams.

The rates are valid with BTC Hello phone card only, which can be purchased from BTC or any one of the company’s vendors.

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