Bad Bunny Tour & His Success in the Popular Music Scene

SOUTH FLORIDA – Bad Bunny’s unique look is matched only by his unforgettable sound. Combined with the energy on stage and his personality, there is no question why he is truly an icon in the making. This Puerto Rican reggaeton and trap artist finds success with every album he releases including his latest Un Verano Sin Ti. His songs hit the top 100 on Spotify more than some of the top names like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Harry Styles combined. 

Bad Bunny Tour

The Bad Bunny Sound

Born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, Bad Bunny borrows from his Puerto Rican roots to create his unique reggaeton sound. Instead of more traditional reggae, this ramps up the excitement with a unique blend of trap, rock, soul, and hip hop. 

The vast majority of his hit songs are in the type of Spanish spoken in Puerto Rico, which is his native language. They include top-ranking hits like “Un Coco,” “No Te Hagas,” and “Tu No Metes Cabra” among many others. His sound ranges from feel-good bops to romantic songs to harder hip-hop-inspired options. 

The Bad Bunny Style

Bad Bunny’s onstage street style carries over to his friends in a big way. While concert and tour tees are always popular, you will find more fans wearing neon linen, bathing suits, and bucket hats. His tour feels a lot like a tropical adventure. 

He often starts his show sitting on a beach chair on stage or dancing with a fake palm tree. Recorded seagull noises draw the crowd’s attention before the music begins. Besides the fun style, Bad Bunny always takes time to thank his audience and show appreciation for the people who made him the star he is.

Besides his open personality, Bad Bunny is not afraid to speak out for inclusivity, equality, and problems with Puerto Rican institutions. 

One of his songs, which translates to “Blackout,” blames a Puerto Rican energy company for serious issues. He consistently invites new queer artists to go for their dreams and even share the stage with him at smaller events. Bad Bunny has been photographed in both masculine and feminine clothing for magazine covers and more. 

Bad Bunny Tour Dates and Locations

You might have missed Bad Bunny in Miami, but there are still many options to experience his unique sound and style in the United States and Central America. Check his website for a complete list of dates and locations, including: 

  • September 1, 7, and 9 in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas
  • September 17-18 in San Diego 
  • September 23-24 in Las Vegas
  • October dates in the Dominican Republic and Chile
  • November in Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, and more
  • December in Guatemala and multiple Mexico venues

Bad Bunny’s Continued Success

With music that blends familiar and incredibly fresh sounds, there is no doubt why Bad Bunny continues to succeed and thrill audiences on his tour. Even people who are not usually interested in reggae, rap, or trap genres can appreciate his energy and distinct music. 

While his tour locations reflect many places where his strongest audience lives, expect to see his stage name showing up more and more in top lists and music media around the world.


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