Ayiti Parle hits the television airways on Island TV

Catch Ayiti Parle on Island TV every Wednesday at 8pm on Comcast Channel 578

MIAMIAyiti Parle is coming to a television screen near you at 8pm on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.   Many have been hearing the buzz about a new show that is both informative and intriguing and the wait is finally over.

Ayiti Parle hits the television airways on Island TV With its three hosts, Naomie Labaty, Angie Bell and Mia Lopez, Ayiti Parle is deemed to take Haitian television to a new dimension as the show focuses on a range of discussions through the lens of different perspectives and opinions.

We wanted to really tap into something that has never been done before, a television show where taboos are boldly explored and global headlines are examined with a Haitian and feminine perspective. Whether it’s controversial or intensely serious, Ayiti Parle tackles subject lines that will give a voice to the voiceless and empower people,” says host, Ms. Labaty.

As a new way to see young Haitian professionals from different backgrounds with the same love of culture, Ayiti Parle shares news, stories and experiences that will open the door to interesting conversation amongst the hosts, Les Manmzel, and special guests.

The show will talk about subjects from education to politics, sex to abuse music to entertainment and so much more.

Ayiti Parle is a place where everyone is invited to share their ideas, projects and of course their thoughts. We want our table to serve as a meeting place for great minds that simply want to chit chat amongst friends while actually teaching the world something new,” shares Ms. Bell.

Airing at 8pm on Island TV Channel 578 on Comcast as of December 13, 2017, Ayiti Parle will unveil an incredible stage for visionaries to share everything Haitian and beyond.

Naomie, Angie and I are so excited to let people into our world of friendship, discussions and fun. Ayiti Parle really has become a meeting of the minds for the three of us and when we add our guests, who are well versed in their domain, we are always in awe of how amazing our community truly is. We want to show the world that Haitians are not only diverse and eclectic, but we are also contributing to the progress all around us every day,” explains Mrs. Lopez.

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