Africa Unite’s Red Carpet at The Miami International Film Festival

MIAMI – “Music is Miami, and Miami is music,” declared Patrick de Bokay, MIFF director, from the stage of the Gusman Center last evening, announcing a new program strand in the Festival called The Reel Music Scene.

This special sidebar of documentaries, music videos and information panels will celebrate the love affair between music and the moving image.

To kick off the program, the Festival presented the North American Premiere of AFRICA UNITE, an inspiring music documentary that celebrates the music of reggae icon Bob Marley.

Oscar-winning director Stephanie Black has collaborated with executive producers Danny Glover, Joslyn Barnes, Rita Marley and Cedella Marley, to focus on the Marley family’s trip to Ethiopia in 2005 to participate in a pan-African conference and musical concert, celebrating the 60th birthday of Bob Marley.

The film’s inspiring message of unity as reflected in the life and music of Bob Marley was enhanced by the presence at the Gusman of Danny Glover, director Stephanie Black, executive producer Joslyn Barnes and members of the Marley Family, including Mama Booker, the family matriarch. Prior to the film, Danny Glover was interviewed on stage by film critic/educator Elvis Mitchell.

Danny Glover and Elvis Mitchell

Members of Miami’s Caribbean community, many in colorful native dress, were present at what was a truly inspiring tribute to a visionary artist and the continuing influence of his message.

Danny Glover on the Red Carpet for Africa Unite at the Gusman Theatre

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