A Guide on How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bat

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bat

Seeing Into the Future: Can Tarot Cards Predict the Future?Every year, a lot of youngsters step into the baseball sport with great enthusiasm. As this game requires great strength, they find it perfect for taking it as their hobby in the growing age. Many people even start their careers in this sport by participating in various baseball games. But, to start with the baseball game, you should be ready with all the right gear, be it bats, balls, or gloves.

Finding baseball or gloves can be an easy task, but when it comes to bats, it can become daunting. So, to help the younger players and their parents, we have come up with this guide, which will teach you how to choose the best youth baseball bats for your first or next game.

  • Get the right material:

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bat

You will find the baseball bats made from wood or metal, where each of them possesses unique characteristics. The metal bats are further classified into alloy bats, composite bats, half and half bats, and hybrid bats. On the other hand, the wooden bats are classified into maple bats, ash bats, and birch bats. Although the metal bats are popular amongst the youngsters, they do not help in improving their mechanism and strength while playing the game.

This is a learning stage for youngsters like you, and you should learn all the techniques and striking methods with the bats that professional players prefer. You won’t see the professional players striking the ball with a metal bat. The metal bats will offer you poor techniques that will not help in finding your strengths and weaknesses.

The wooden bats, even though they are heavy, will help you in balancing your strikes and develop your swings from time to time. These bats provide good mechanisms that help you develop your fundamentals to produce swings at a higher level. It would help if you always practice with the wooden bats whether you want to take it as your hobby or want to play it professionally.

  • Length of the baseball bat:

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bat 

Many people observe that the longer bats offer a higher reach, but these bats can affect your swinging mechanism due to their heavyweight. While choosing the baseball bat, you have to consider both its weight and length as they together combine for a perfect strike.

Below is a small table that will help you in selecting the right length of the bat as per your age.


Age (years)5 – 78 – 91011- 1213 -1415 – 1617+
Bat’s Lenght (Inches)24-26”26-28”28-29”30-31”31-32”32-33”33-34”


  • Weight of the baseball bat:

Weight is an important thing to consider while buying baseball bats. Many people believe that the lighter the bat, the higher will be your strike. So, it is necessary to try out various bats to get a perfect weight that fits your body strength.

The baseball bat’s weight is measured in ‘drops’ where the drop is calculated by subtracting the weight of the bat (in ounces) from the length of the bat (in inches). Bats with higher drop weight are more likely to weigh lighter and vice versa. So, for professional baseball players, the bats with -3 drop weight are suggested while for beginners, the bats with -5 to -7 drop weight are suggested.

There is also a small weight test you can try out while purchasing your baseball bat. It is an optional way to determine if the bat you are buying will be heavy or perfect for you. Hold the bat with one hand just above the handle for 15-20 seconds. If your arm doesn’t shake or you don’t drop the bat within these few seconds, this is the perfect bat for you. If in case you drop the bat or your arm starts shaking, you should go for a lighter bat.

  • Barrel Size:

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Youth Baseball Bat

The barrel size is also an important factor to check out while purchasing the youth baseball bats. The barrel is the thick area of the baseball bat with which you hit the ball. It is advised to use a 2 ¼” barrel diameter bat for players below 12 years of age. On the other hand, players with 12 and above can go for 2 ⅝” barrel diameter.

  • Durability:

While buying the baseball bat, you need to make sure whether it is durable or not. Most of the bats start flaking after a few uses, which depend entirely on the material, break-in period, and your hitting style. Many bats have the warranty period, but that lasts for six months to one year. Once your warranty period is over and your bat breaks off, you will have to purchase another bat.

Most of the maple wood bats are durable as compared to other types of bats. One way to keep your bats aways from flaking or splintering is to avoid using them in cold weather. You can also keep them covered in a separate bag when not in use. Also, make sure that you don’t throw it anywhere in the cupboard or on the floor after you come back home. Keep it carefully by leaning up against the table or any wall.

  • Break-In Period:


Your baseball bat should have enough break-in period to make it more susceptible to effective strikes. Most of the manufacturers sell the broken-in bats which you can use from the day you purchase them. But the problem is that these bats are more susceptible to cracks, which makes it difficult to decide on them. It is better you buy the bats that are not broken-in previously so that you don’t have to take any risks along with the purchase.


Lastly, you should also have a pre-defined budget before you come with any decision. It is better to choose a high-quality bat than a cheaper one as it starts breaking down after a few hits. If you follow all the above-suggested points, you will be able to make an optimal purchase. With this, we also wish you better luck with your next game!




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