$72 Million Set Aside for Jamaica’s Tourism Product Development

More than $72 million have been appropriated in the “Estimates of Expenditure,” now before the House of Representatives, for Jamaica’s tourism product development services in the Ministry of Industry and Tourism.

Of the total, approximately $43.5 million will go to Jamaica Reservation Services (JRS), which provides telesales for the Jamaica Tourist Board as well as marketing support for hotels, villas, attractions and business entities that offer auxiliary services to the sector. The JRS, which is an entity under the Tourism Ministry, seeks opportunities to promote and market entertainment events as part of the tourism product.

Meanwhile, the allocation for maintenance of properties, amounting to $4.04 million, provides for the upkeep of properties, which were formerly owned by the Jamaica Attractions Development Company (JADCo) and the Recreational Development Company (RDC). These properties are now being managed by the Tourism Development Company (TPDCo).

In addition, the visitor information program has been allotted $21.09 million. The main thrust of this project is for the provision of information services to visitors and residents.

A total of $4 million also goes to the sustainable environmental and tourism projects for the continued upgrading and beautification of the major resort towns.

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