6 Crucial Steps to Take if You’re a Hospital Error Victim in Florida

Steps to Take if You’re a Hospital Error Victim in Florida

Any trip to the hospital can be a nail-biting experience. Whether it be an unexpected emergency, a scheduled surgery, or a routine procedure, most of us experience some level of anxiety when within the confines of a hospital. Most of the time, all goes as planned, but risks are always involved. Unfortunately, hospital errors do happen, and if they happen to you, what should you do next?

Florida victims of a hospital error can contact Freidin Brown Law Firm to learn what their legal rights are and what they can do to right this wrong. Don’t attempt to fight the healthcare system alone; fight for accountability and compensation with an experienced legal team on your side.

6 Crucial Steps to Take After a Hospital Error

Being harmed by a medical professional is a horror that no one should experience. We all trust healthcare experts and employees when seeking a cure for what ails us. We fully expect that every procedure, operation, diagnostic test, and paperwork is done exactly how it should be done. Unfortunately, medical mistakes do happen. If they’ve happened to you or a loved one, there are important steps you should follow to ensure that your medical malpractice case is strong.

Get a Second Opinion

What you are sure is a case of medical neglect may not be the case. However, if a medical expert feels that you didn’t receive the standard of care, you have a right to; it’s important to ensure that your medical conditions are properly treated. Seeking a second opinion and retaining a new physician will strengthen your medical malpractice case while ensuring you receive the proper medical attention.

Get Your Medical Records

To prove medical malpractice, you’ll need evidence to prove your claim. You have a right to request your entire medical file, which can be used to prove that a medical mistake occurred. Obtaining medical records when you suspect you’ve been harmed ensures that the at-fault party can’t alter your documents to hide liability. Although illegal, some medical professionals will change documents to avoid a lawsuit.

Maintain an Injury Journal

It’s crucial to maintain an accurate account of everything relating to your condition. You’ll want to note when your symptoms occurred, when you suspected something was wrong, and all of your medical appointments, either with the medical team you suspect of malpractice or your new doctor. Also of importance is to keep a list of any additional expenses you’ve incurred.

Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is far too complex and complicated to do so on your own. Without legal representation, your case won’t go anywhere. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney with a background in medical malpractice cases can help to eliminate mistakes that could hurt your case. They’ll provide the peace of mind to help you move forward and recover from your injury or worsened condition.

It’s vital to contact an attorney sooner rather than later. The Florida medical malpractice statute of limitations has recently been lowered from 4 to 2 years, so timing is important. The clock starts ticking on the day that you discover that your condition has worsened or that you discovered you’ve been the victim of a hospital error.

File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Once your lawyer has evaluated your claim, they can formally help you file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Along with gathering required medical evidence to prove your claim, they’ll also assist with obtaining an Affidavit of Merit. The state of Florida requires this sworn document in all medical malpractice cases. An Affidavit of Merit is a statement provided by a medical expert whose opinion is that medical malpractice did occur.

Don’t Discuss Your Case

Victims of a hospital error have had their lives turned upside down, which is most likely the central focus of their every waking hour. Despite the urge, it is important not to discuss the case with anyone except for your medical malpractice legal team. No matter how sympathetic you may feel, a hospital staff member may be towards your claim, you mustn’t speak a word about it. This includes posting anything about your case or suspicions on your socials.

Crucial Steps for Hospital Error Victims To Ensure Justice Explained

No one expects to be harmed when seeking medical attention. Unfortunately, although many go in ill and leave recovered, not everyone has that experience. Hospital errors occur, and without expert legal representation, victims are left with nothing more than medical issues, medical bills, and a worsened condition.

Speaking to a medical malpractice attorney as soon as you suspect a medical mishap has occurred can help ensure that you are compensated for all of your damages and that accountability is sought after. Your lawsuit could possibly help to prevent someone else from becoming a victim of medical negligence.


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