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6 Basketball Essentials That Every Beginner Must Know

by Allen Brown

So, you have decided to start one of the most popular and favorite team sports, not just in the USA, but in the world too, or you have a youngster starting to train for the first time?

Just like in any sport, there are certain things you need to obtain as essential machinery and certain bases to cover that will make training and mastering the skill easier.

Let’s see what are those of the most needed elements which make basketball more safe, interesting, and inviting for a beginner.

The Basics

Before starting any sport for that matter, do make sure that you have proper knowledge of basketball’s rules and terms. If you get to know how the game works, which team member has which responsibility, and that it is indeed a complex sport – maybe it wouldn’t be that interesting or seem easy and unpredictable as seen as a supporter or on TV.

Therefore, catch on to these principles before first training:

These are some of the main rules, and each player is subjected to them, whatever the position in the game.

Sportswear and Footwear

Basketball is an extremely active sport, with a lot of running, sweating, and jumping, where injuries are something of an inevitability.

While your jersey may be from a breathable material, comfort to your skin, you should nevertheless pay special attention to your shorts as you will need a lower pair of your sportswear to be secured and allow you enough movement. So, choose ones of length to your knee, and that stay up on your waist (imperative).

On the other hand, many would say those good basketball sneakers are the most essential thing on the court as your feet and ankles are mostly under pressure and need to be supported. Most appreciated and most purchased are mid-ankle and high-tops basketball shoes for guards since they are believed to have the best level of support. But, each foot is different, therefore make sure to consider what fits you the best and only make sure that your shoes are tight enough to provide that safety.

Shape and Practice

Basketball, as any sport does, requires some level of physical preparation and practice here is paramount. Whether you have training every second day or you casually play with your friend on local ground, practice makes perfect, and to consider yourself a master in making – do practice some more.

You should also perform other aerobic exercises, as basketball being an aerobic game. And of course, don’t forget a 20-minute warm-up period.

Basketball Accessories

As a beginner, you don’t need the abundance of expensive equipment such as professional players to have, but there are still some gadgets and gears that will come in handy, especially when doing extra training at home.

First of all, you’ll need a proper and quality ball, at least one, to work on your shooting skills –  which leads us to the second one and that is a permanent or portable basketball hoop. And if you’re lucky enough to have organized training during pandemics, then a bag for all your essentials might come in handy, right? You can also add a bottle of water and a towel to the list.

A Club and a Coach

Again, IF you’re lucky, there will be clubs opened and it would be worth joining a club where experienced coaches can point you in the right direction.

Developing your game while watching other players in the club, as well as professionals on the masters’ cups, can teach you the skills of the game such as movement, defensive, and attacking tactics.

Support and Time

Last, but not least, support from the environment is highly important. Being excused from school or work, having someone to drop you off to training, to have somebody who will practice tactics with you (when you’re not into that shooting drill anymore), who will provide money for the club, and who will visit every rookie game and cheer for you.

You could’ve hardly picked a better sport because basketball is one of the few sports where team-play is required but the talents and skills of a single player are still needed.

Considering you have enough time yourself to dedicate to learning and mastering this skill – with proper essentials mentioned, rest assured – success and confidence will be with you on the playground.


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