4 Real Estate Investment Ideas You Want to Consider

The real estate market has always been one of the most competitive types of markets, and it’s no surprise when you consider how substantial the payoffs can be. Because of its nature, it may seem like an intimidating market to tackle.

The best investment plans are the most well-researched. Here are 4 real estate investment tips you’ll want to consider.

Real Estate Investment Ideas

1. If You’re Thinking Big, Think International

The international real estate market is particularly appealing for those with a well-planned budget and their eyes on the prize. Just because you or your company is based in the United States doesn’t mean all of your assets or investments should stay there.

When you take to the international stage, your options open up. One of your first tasks is finding the right partner to invest in. For those interested in residential, industrial, or commercial property businesses, Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) is experienced in all three. There will always be a demand for property, and Frasers Property offers a wide range of development styles.

2. House Flipping

Not all property investments require an international scope or a broad local one. House flipping is a versatile investment option that can be strategically planned for both small and large-scale investments.

It does require a deep knowledge of the housing market, something even major companies like Zillow have fumbled. Their failure to sell a great number of the many houses they bought up offers an insight into how a large amount of capital does not equal success.

However, those considering house flipping should not underestimate the importance of a precise and accurate valuation of the property they intend to flip. This is where seeking a professional commercial appraisal makes all the difference, providing you with the market insights and valuation accuracy needed to make informed decisions. Such diligence in the initial stages can significantly impact the profitability and success of your flipping projects, ensuring that investments are grounded in solid, reliable data.

If you’re looking to add flipping to your arsenal of hustles, decide which lane to stake your claim in: fast or slow. Most profitable real estate flippers aim to sell their purchases in under six months.

The slow burn option involves renovating homes to increase their value for those with time. This route often sees investors only purchasing two properties at most at a time.

3. Real Estate Investment Groups

Real estate investment groups or REIGs are geared toward investors who wish to own rental real estate without necessarily running them. They require capital as well as financing.

Typically, a company with apartments that they bought or built will let investors buy them through the company, effectively their membership entrance fee. The investor owns however many units, while the company manages them i.e. maintenance, advertisements, and filling vacancies.

The company will take a percentage of the rent in exchange for their services. If vacancies are low the investment can easily pay for itself, while diversifying your portfolio.

4. Online Platforms

Just like every other market, the real estate business is expanding thanks to online platforms. This option connects investors with other like-minded people who are looking to invest in large commercial and residential properties.

Real estate investing platforms, aka real estate crowdfunding, does require capital, but noticeably less than what you may be required to shell out for an outright purchase. This is another great option to diversify your portfolio, with less money than the other options listed.

Diversify Your Portfolio with These Varied Options

The real estate market is a great place for serious investors to find their next investment. Whether it’s industrial, residential, or commercial, there is a wide range of options at your fingertips. Whether you’re thinking international, house flipping, REIGs, or browsing online platforms, we know there’s something for you.

All you need to do to guarantee a successful investment is decide what financial goals you need to set for yourself, including the budget you’ll use for it. After that, use our list of 4 real estate investment ideas to get started on your lucrative investment career!

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