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3rd Annual Jamaican Citizenship By Descent Grant Giveaway

SOUTH FLORIDA – After an aunt mentioned that she could become a dual citizen many years ago, Ashley Moncrieffe set out to do just that. Little did she know after getting her Jamaican-based documents over half a decade ago, she would set out to champion and assist others interested in doing the same by creating a limited mini-series on how to apply for a TRNCitizenship by Descent, and the passport.

As ideas floated, she started and launched her Jamaican citizenship by descent grant giveaway to financially assist other 2nd and 3rd-generation Jamaican young adults on their pathway to Jamaican citizenship. She has since been invited to speak on behalf of the newly minted Jamaican citizens in the Consulate General of Jamaica, Miami citizenship ceremony, and created and designed her Daughter and Son Of The Diaspora t-shirts.

Jamaican Citizenship Initiative

Ashley Moncrieffe  Jamaican Citizenship By Descent Grant Giveaway
Ashley Moncrieffe

“This initiative started in 2021 when I decided that it would be cool but beneficial to not only knowledge share but also philanthropically assist someone like myself on their pathway to connecting or reconnecting with their roots by way of Jamaican citizenship. For some, it’s hard to believe and conceptualize that there is a niche community that is interested in gaining another citizenship that’s not the typical ‘Farrin’ citizenship. There have been talks from people wanting the “blue book” (passport) as it is affectionately called, but what some may fail to understand is you must be a Jamaican citizen first before you can apply to receive a Jamaican passport” states Ashley Moncrieffe.

Being Jamaican-American

Ashley Moncrieffe and CG Oliver Mair at citizenship ceremony 2022
Ashley Moncrieffe and CG Oliver Mair at citizenship ceremony 2022

“As many Diasporans, we often live a hyphenate lifestyle where one foot is in our American culture while another is in our Caribbean culture. Sometimes we are fully planted in one or the other at different times or experiences in our lives. Though this is a great thing, I recognize it is a privilege to have and exercise the benefits of having dual citizenship. I do not take that opportunity lightly, hence my interest in giving back to our Diaspora community through information, financial resources, and creating a product we can all proudly wear.”

Moncrieffe continues, “It’s important to mention, that Jamaican Citizenship by Descent is indeed in Jamaica’s constitution under section 3C (b) of the Citizenship (Constitutional Amendment) Act, 1999 and It’s seen as part of your birthright. The process and fees are nothing compared to trying to get American citizenship for those who are abroad. Ultimately this process of getting your Jamaican citizenship by descent can be relatively simple, as long as you submit a compliant application and documents, you should be granted citizenship. There is no test, there is no swearing-in, and there is no residency requirement. It’s just a compliant application. For those whose questions and concerns are why am I doing this, the better question is why not?”

According to last year’s recipient, ZoAnne Logan, “This is an awesome program to headstart your Jamaican citizenship journey. Before winning last year, it was something I always speculated about doing. Now, there is something and someone to assist me during this, which can be a tedious process.”

Jamaican Citizenship By Descent Grant Giveaway

AshFiMon’s Jamaican Citizenship By Descent Grant Giveaway is open and accepting applications until Sunday, October 1, 2023, at 11:59p EDT.

Applicants must be between 18-40, of Jamaican descent, and live in the United States. Compliant applicants will be automatically entered to win an AshFiMon exclusive Diaspora t-shirt. One winner will be chosen by random draw for each prize.

The winner will be notified by email and social tag on Monday, October 2, 2023. To view the full terms and conditions and to apply eligible and interested applicants are encouraged to visit ASHFIMON.com.

For more information, contact, and follow Ashley on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube @AshFiMon.


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