“WAR PARTY” — Hot New Single From Nigel Lewis

MIIAMI – Singer, songwriter and producer Nigel Lewis swept the Caribbean scene and became a household name in 1996 with his first hit Movin’. Now he has just released “War Party”, his first single from his latest album “Unlock the Block”.

The release of War Party, written by Eddy Grant, is seen as timely, given current events in today’s world, notably the American presence in Afghanistan and in the conflict in Iraq, as well as the war between Israel and Lebanon. Lewis has taken Grant’s lyrics and infused them with his idiosyncratic power and style, creating a catchy song with a reggae beat and powerful lyrics.

Although famous for his Soca hits such as “Follow Da Leader” and “Movin’”, Lewis has demonstrated his genius as a musician and producer on War Party. By giving the song a classic reggae feel with live instrumentation and harmonious vocal backgrounds, the song exudes a warm, familiar feel. With its catchy melody and dancing bass line, War Party soon will undoubtedly be blaring all over the radio waves as well as in the clubs.

Unlock The Block is Nigel Lewis’ seventh album and his latest full-length offering since The Art Of Christ Book I, in 2002. This new release from Res House Records is chock-full of dance jams, also sending shares of praises, unapologetic messages, and opinions on issues such as voting rights. The album features collaborations with famed producer Bobby ‘Digital’ Dixon, rappers Beenie Man, Ockydoc P and vocalist Glacia Robinson.

Unlock The Block is sure to make a significant impact on the Caribbean music scene in 2006. Listen to his tracks and buy a copy of his CD online at www.nigellewis.com.

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