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Wall of Honour for Jamaica’s fallen cops

MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — A Wall of Honour, to pay homage to Jamaican policemen and women, who have fallen in the line of duty, is to be erected at National Heroes Park in Kingston by the end of next month.

Minister of National Security, Hon. Dwight Nelson, made the announcement at the 68th Annual Joint Central Conferences of the Jamaica Police Federation held on May 26 at the Breezes Resort and Spa in Trelawny.

Speaking against the background of the major drop in serious crimes, he said Jamaicans owe a debt of gratitude to the law enforcement officers, who have paid the ultimate price for the good of the country.

He informed that 19 members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) have been killed over the last 17 months and the nation must demonstrate its appreciation for the sacrifices made by these fallen officers.

The Minister told the meeting that money for the undertaking has been sourced and he has had discussions with the relevant parties.

“I am pleased to tell you today that I have found most of the money and a private sector organisation has agreed to give the rest. I have spoken to the KSAC (Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation) and the Mayor (of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie) and have arrived at an agreement that this Wall of Honour will be erected in National Heroes Park,” he said.

“I have spoken to the Commissioner (of Police, Owen Ellington) and to Deputy Commissioner (Jevene) Bent, and a committee will meet, which will be made up of the police high command, representatives of the various police associations – officers, DCs (District Constables), Special Constables – and the Ministry of National Security, and I hope to have this wall in place by the end of June,” he further informed.

Minister Nelson stressed that the difficulties and hazards inherent in the job of the police should not be underestimated, “bearing in mind that they do this even as they also seek to balance their personal lives against the psychological trauma they have to face daily”.

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