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Commentary With Winston Barnes: Vote, But Not Just For President

VoteSOUTH FLORIDA – It is of grave importance that our Caribbean-American community not only prepare to vote in November’s elections.

It is even more vital that members of the Caribbean-American community understand what to vote for.

Voting for someone to become president is only a part of the job voters need to do.

If any lesson was learnt from Barack Obama’s presidency is that if a President does not have a congress that supports her or him, his greatest efforts at making a difference will be stymied by mean spirited people, who are also racists.

So with all the talk about who one should vote for as President it needs to be understood that not voting for a Congress who would support your choice as president is tantamount to not voting or voting for the candidate you don’t like.

And of significance, to our Caribbean-American community, regardless of how loud and coarse a candidate is, he cannot send home green card holders. Be ye warned though that Congress can do that.

All who think that a President has all of this power they dream about, think again about how Congress has treated President Obama, and wheel and come again. And go vote not just for a Presidential candidate but for a Congress that will support your choice for President.

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Winston Barnes Host – “Open Line” WAVS 1170AM Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley
Winston Barnes Host – “Open Line” WAVS 1170AM
Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley




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