US Mayors Commend Final Economic Recovery Bill

Washington, D.C. – “The nation’s mayors are pleased that the House and Senate conference have agreed on an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act at a time when the United States is facing its deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression. I commend Congress for working diligently to create this legislation, which will create and save jobs, prevent deep cuts in basic services such as health, education, and law enforcement; cut taxes for working families and invest in the long-term health of our economy says Mayor Manny Diaz, U.S. Conference of Mayors President.

“The residents of Miami will benefit greatly from the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The City of Miami stands to receive millions of dollars in aid for important community programs such as CDBG, EEBG, Surface Transportation Program, and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Our residents will also benefit from the new tax cuts, such as EITC, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and tax credits for working families.

“The economic stimulus bill is in line with the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s priorities. Many of the programs in the compromise bill represent long-term priorities that the Conference of Mayors has been promoting for several years. Our Mayors’ Ten Point Plan, Strong Cities, Strong Families for a Strong America, calls for massive job creation through road and street improvements, transit projects, water and sewer infrastructure, affordable housing and school modernization, airport enhancements, and increased funding for workforce training and public safety. Mayors are grateful that a portion of resources in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will go directly to cities and local governments to spur our national economy.

“One of the most important aspects of this agreement is that it funds a new sector of green jobs through an Energy Block Grant enabling cities to continue with local energy conservation efforts already underway. Over 900 cities have signed the Mayors’ Climate Protection agreement, which calls for significant local action to combat global warming in cities across the nation. This block grant will support the mayors’ local efforts to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulate the deployment of new and alternative energy practices.

“Cities and metropolitan areas comprise 90% of the gross domestic product and drive the national economy. If we are going to stimulate our economy, we need to invest in cities that are ready to go. The nation’s mayors look forward to working with the Administration to implement this landmark legislation at the federal and state level toward transforming our national economy for the 21st Century.”

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