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Trinidad’s Police Service undergoes customer service training

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – “Most police officers understand that good police-community interaction is the foundation of effective crime control,” said Professor Stephen Mastrofski of the George Mason University.

He led a team of trainers from George Mason University and Pennsylvania State University who organized an intensive training course in the latest Customer Service Techniques in Law Enforcement for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

The aim of the program is to prepare officers and other employees to communicate more effectively with the public they serve, maintaining a philosophy centred on “policing for the people.”

Role playing and problem-solving were part of the course and exposed the lawmen to stressful situations. According to Commissioner, Trevor Paul, the public “is entitled to a police service that is professional and courteous at all times, especially in stressful situations.”

In addition, it is expected that the participants will learn how to act calmly under times of duress and derive solutions to problems.

Participants are expected to pass on their knowledge in their respective work areas as part of the “train the trainer” program. Training in customer service is currently included as part of the Police Training College course curriculum for recruits.

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