Tourism Safety and Security Task Force to assess hotel properties in Antigua and Barbuda

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – All forty-five registered hotel properties in Antigua and Barbuda will be subject to a safety and security assessment, as early as next month.

This development comes as a result of a decision by the Ministry of Tourism to form a top-level Security and Safety Task Force to conduct an audit on all existing tourism accommodations in Antigua and Barbuda, after a recent security breach at one of the island’s hotel properties.

The forty-five properties will be inspected based on a comprehensive safety and security checklist which is expected to be completed by this Friday.

The checklist has been created with inputs from the taskforce, chaired by Director General of Tourism Corthwright Marshall and consisting of members from the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, the Fire Department, the National Office of Disaster Services, Central Board of Health, Office of National Drug Control Policy, EMS, the Development Control Authority, the Antigua Hotel and Tourist Association and the Ministry of Tourism.

“Following the review of the hotel accommodations, the task force will make specific recommendations to the individual properties and call for certain actions that hotels can take to improve on the general safety and security of their guests”, said the Director General of Tourism.

“Minimum guidelines, by which future hotel developments will be required to adhere to before operation, will also be set.”

Completion of the audit is of priority to the Ministry of Tourism and to ensure the timely finish of the audit, the island has been divided into three zones with three teams designated to visit the hotels within those zones.

The audit is being supervised by Captain Pennyfeather of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence force.

Upon completion of the security audit at these hotels an audit of other properties frequented by visitors such as guest houses and condos will be done.

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