Three of the easiest ways to watch sport during 2020

Three of the easiest ways to watch sport during 2020

No matter what sport you follow, the most ideal place to watch it will always be at the court, stadium or track. The sad thing is that it’s often highly unlikely that we’ll ever be able to follow all of our teams’ games as they play both home and away. Things like time, money and worldwide pandemics can get in the way of fans getting to see games live. While it’s not possible to attend every game, here are three alternative ways to follow sport in 2020.

Sports TV subscription

The most obvious way to watch sport is via the TV. For decades now, satellite providers have been offering packages so you can follow all of the big games of every season. Over the years, they have kept improving their coverage. More cameras around the stadium, higher definition pictures and even virtual graphics that allow the team back at the studio to analyze the performance in the most detail possible. The only problem is all of these developments don’t come cheap. Sport is an expensive game, and the money from TV coverage is one of the main ways teams cover their costs. This means that sports channels are one of the most expensive to subscribe to, even more so than the movie channels. Some sports, like boxing, even charge you a high fee to watch just one match. If it’s all over in a couple of rounds, it could well be the most expensive few minutes of television you ever purchase.

Betting websites

While subscription television might be expensive, there are alternative ways to watch all the big games. Some betting websites now let you stream any game you’ve bet on, so you can see in real-time how likely it is you’ll get a big payout. As most websites will let you bet even just a dollar or even less on a game, you could find yourself paying a fraction of what it would cost to pay to watch it on the TV. The even better news is that if your bet comes off, you could find the coverage paying for itself and a victory drink afterward as well.

There are some websites that even allow you to stream games that you haven’t put a bet on. For example, Unibet offer NFL live streaming to all of their customers even if they’ve never put a bet on the sport before. As long as you have money in your account, you’ll have uninterrupted access to coverage of the biggest games.

On the radio

If you’re sick of sitting in front of the television, laptop, tablet or even smartphone, there are alternative ways of following the game without having your eyes fixed to a screen. Although you won’t be able to see any actual pictures of the game, commentators on the radio do a great job of painting a picture of the action in your mind. The good thing about sport on the radio is that you can listen whilst completing other jobs around the house at the same time. You can even follow the game while you’re on a long car journey.


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