Three Ideas on How to Make Extra Money from Essay Writing

Three Ideas on How to Make Extra Money from Essay Writing

Student essays are a popular type of educational assignment in the USA and Europe. Many students have a question, “Who can write my essay?” and they are willing to pay well for this work. So, they prefer to order ready-made copies on particular websites. These orders are completed by writers who work for essay writing services. These experts write texts on a specific topic, strictly follow assignments, use mandatory sources, or perform writing tasks in the free genre.

All students are divided into two types — those who efficiently do creative work and those who cannot stand writing essays. Here, it is essential to understand that students of the second type are by no means slobs or lazy people. They just have a different mindset. They can succeed in technical subjects, but they usually fail to compose well-written tasks. A sound education system should always take into account these nuances to maximize the comprehensive development of different students.

So, students of the second type are often pondering: “Who can help write my essay?” and are thus seeking assistance from online writing services. The complexity of student essay is different, and the more difficult the task, the higher the price for its implementation is. Also, the fee depends on how long it will take to study the matter and prepare the text. As a rule, students pay extra for urgency — sometimes, the price can be doubled or tripled.

3 Ways to Earn Money on Essay Writing

The easiest option is to help your friends. To do this, launch the “word of mouth” and notify all mates and friends that you are ready to write creative content. Even if they don’t need your help personally, they can recommend you to their friends. Yet, this option does not always bring a stable flow of customers and earnings.

The second way is to register on a custom essay writing service. Today, hundreds of online agencies hire talented authors. Thus, you can receive regular orders with a decent payment. Also, this option implies almost complete independence. Plus, working on large projects will allow you to collect a worthy portfolio and get many positive recommendations.

You can also earn money not only by typing texts but also by writing essays on a specific topic and promoting them for sale. For that, choose a current topic that is in demand, write a few copies, and place them on a writing platform. After that, each essay sold will bring you quite a good profit.

Writing unique copies is called copywriting, while rewriting denotes changing content in one’s own words with preservation of the original text’s meaning. For many copywriters, such work with texts can become not just a side business on the Internet, but a well-paid permanent job.

Does a Copywriter Need Specialized Training?

Actually, experts in copywriting are trained at specialized educational institutions for further work in the advertising field as a rule. However, it is not necessary to have special education or a degree to work with texts via the Internet at home. Indeed, the demand for the original documents and educational papers is so high today that such specialists are not enough.

People with a higher education who are able to work with texts remotely are hired by specialized companies, both national and international. The key requirements for them are knowledge of MS Office, grammar, and stylistics, as well as an ability to express thoughts in writing clearly.

The main requirements for the copywriter’s job are:

  • No investment of initial capital, except for a laptop and Internet connection;
  • The work is carried out in comfortable conditions at home with payment after result using bank transfers;
  • The ability to work in any free time, combining it with the main job — only the time to complete the order is limited;
  • It is possible to earn several times on the same writing tasks, given that curricula do not change for years;
  • It is not very difficult to make some changes and amendments to previously written copies;
  • It is necessary to work with a lot of various data and sources of information — it requires an intense intellectual rigor.

Is Essay Writing Job Legal?

One of the common questions among many beginning writers is related to the legality and ethics of fulfilling orders for students. In the USA and Europe, writing services are absolutely legal. Their activities, as well as intermediary services of hiring performers of custom-made essays, are not prohibited by law.

Essay writing services are usually officially registered, and they are decent taxpayers. All their clients are subjects of transparent bookkeeping, and the authors are equated to office employees who get a salary for their work.

Online agencies that offer writing services remind their customers that the work performed is not recommended being used unchanged for delivery to teachers. Custom essays and other types of academic papers are high-quality examples of correctly completed assignments.

Although the essays finished by copywriters have a completed form, their main task is to collect and process information, facts, and arguments, as well as build a competent structure of essays. Copywriters carry out research and preparatory work, but students have to process and master these copies before presenting them in schools.

Tools Needed for Copywriters

Apart from the fact that writers should be well versed in particular topics on which they are going to write papers, they have to know how to use several useful services for working with information and ready-made texts. For successful work, they need auxiliary functionality and software. So, the list of necessary applications looks like this:

  • Bear Writer editor for Windows;
  • Scrivener app for working with extensive texts and research papers;
  • CopyClip text application;
  • Access to plagiarism verification services.


You can earn money while working with online services by writing articles, essays, and term papers. However, it would be best if you have skills, experience, ability to find data and can obtain a significant income. You can get acquainted with the nuances of copywriter’s work in detail only with time.

Given the responsibility and diligence, you can master the writing arena, become a sought-after author among many students, and make decent money. This area of activity will long be relevant and popular to provide copywriters with an opportunity to gain financial independence.

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