Talc Powder Case: How Much Settlement Amounts Can You Expect?

Lawsuits against talc powder manufacturers like Johnson’s and Johnson’s have been ongoing for the last 15 years and if they have proven anything, it is that settlement amounts can be unpredictable. With that said, some general observations can be made. Thousands of individual and class action suits have been filed ending in decisions to award tens and hundreds of millions of dollars and in some instances, even billions to claimants.

Talc Powder Case: How Much Settlement Amounts Can You Expect?

Show Me The Money

To give you an idea of the kind of payouts that can be expected:

  • 2018: A St Louis jury awards $4.7 billion to 22 women and their families.
  • 2016: A South Dakota woman wins $55 million after a court adjudicated she successfully proved the link between her ovarian cancer diagnosis and using talcum powder for over 30 years.
  • 2016: Another South Dakota jury grants $70.1 million to another woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder for over 40 years.
  • 2020: 22 women were awarded $2.12 billion dollars in damages against Johnson and Johnson after a Missouri court agreed the company’s talcum products caused their ovarian cancer.
  • 2020: Another wom020: A New York native went home with $120 million in the first case against Johnson and Johnson filed in that state.
  • 2020: A 750 million dollar judgement is entered against Johnson and Johnson in its home state of New Jersey.

Often, the initial awards are usually larger than the eventual settlements. The jury originally awarded the New York claimant $325 million. The $4.7 million judgement was also reduced to $4.1 billion. Early this year, Johnson and Johnson was reported to have put aside $3.9 billion for settling litigation in the coming year. This effectively signals the company expects several legal claims involving talcum powder to go against it and it is preparing. As events have shown, though, the corporate giant isn’t going down without a fight.

Johnson and Johnson have successfully litigated against some claimants as well, in one instance getting a hefty $417 million judgement against it thrown out of court. With Forbes magazine estimating that they may need to have as much as $6 billion in cover to settle lawsuits, it’s no wonder the company is trying its best to deflect liability. From all indications, the company has reserved billions for the defense of its products.

Deciding Whether To File Suit

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, lung cancer or mesothelioma connected with talcum powder use, you do not have billions at your disposal. Johnson and Johnson has a reputation for forcing claimants to go to court to get their just dues. Should you decide to fight them, you will need the help of people experienced in this type of litigation.

Drug Guardians will walk you through the steps needed to file your case. These include:

  • Deciding who to sue
  • Collecting evidence
  • Determining how much compensation is due
  • Sending legal documents to the defendant
  • Filing the appropriate documents so that you have your day in court

Our process involves a free consultation where a determination is made about the facts of your case and if we can assist you. We do not collect a fee for our services unless you are awarded damages.

You will not be alone in your journey. There are currently over 22,000 cases before the court involving Johnson and Johnson alone. Other talcum powder producers have been sued, but Johnson and Johnson have emerged as the most prominent and have some of the most damning evidence against it. The basis of most claims against the company lies in reports that they knew that their products contained asbestos, they were aware of this since the 1970s and they did nothing to mitigate or warn their customers about the risk.

How Much Is A Human Life Worth?

No amount of money can bring a deceased relative back. Talc connected cancers like mesothelioma, lung and ovarian cancers are some of the most resistant to treatment and the experience of living with them is indescribable. No amount of money can compensate for lost opportunities, years or health.

Talc Powder Case: How Much Settlement Amounts Can You Expect?

What money can do is pay for treatments that might extend life or cover the exorbitant cost of medical treatment. Large punitive settlements also send a message to companies like Johnson and Johnson that they have a responsibility to their consumers. This obligation will be upheld by courts, if necessary.


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