Soca Legend, Arrow changed the world with his music say’s St.Kitts Calypso King Socrates

ST. KITTS – Former 2 time Leeward Islands and 5 times and Reigning Calypso Monarch of St.Kitts-Nevis the King Socrates has issued the following statement regarding the passing of Soca Pioneer the King Arrow:

“At about 8:45 am on Wednesday morning, my neighbor Mr. John Riley a Monsteration by birth, came to my gate to inform me on the passing of the legendary King Arrow earlier that morning.

Even though I was aware of his situation, it was a very sobering shock that left me with a sense of emptiness and personal loss. To me King Arrow was a Caribbean National who was able to, through his music, send a message to the rest of the world that the Caribbean was the ultimate wonderful paradise with the most beautiful people on the planet. Inviting them, with his music, to come and enjoy our hospitality and many cultures.

At the same time while “Hot Hot Hot” would have been his most popular hit he first reminded us in song about what happened to the people of the region after the first wave of colonizers /settlers. That was the song that first made me take stock of King Arrow as a visionary artiste, prophetic in his outlook and concern for his fellow Caribbean nationals. He admonished our people to “Hold on to our property and will it to our children”. Oh, if only this song could be played every day on every radio station around the region, it would awaken an awareness in our people that would make it much more difficult for our political leaders to sell out our people’s patronage.

This song above any, I value as his greatest contribution to the people of the entire region.

Like The great Robert Nestor Marley, the true genius of his work will be given immortality as more and more we’ll grow to appreciate the great genius and visionary humanitarian that was the King Arrow. I am honored to have appeared on the same stage with him on a number of occasions . Most recently in 2006 when he graced the St.Kitts Music Festival for the 2nd time with his talents.

More than any one, he is responsible for exposing soca music to the world stage and in so doing, changed the musical landscape of the region and by extension, the world at large. Did the King Arrow change the world with his music in a very profound and positive way ? Yes he did. Will he be missed by the whole world ? Yes but through his music he has left us with much to celebrate while reflecting on the struggles and triumph of our people. His music, his journey, his legacy will forever be interwoven into the tapestry that represents the best in humanity. He was and will forever be an inspiration to many, myself included. May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace”

Sylvester “King Socrates” Hodge

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