Reggae Maestro, Papa Beeto, Releases Bombshell Single, “Sweet Sweet Jamaica”

SOUTH FLORIDA – Jamaican born, Florida-based reggae legend, Estavan Anderson, a.k.a Papa Beeto has officially announced the launching of his new and highly anticipated latest studio single called “Sweet Sweet Jamaica”.  This will be coming on the heels of the widely successful and still fresh music video “So Much Love,” released in 2017.

“Sweet Sweet Jamaica” was officially released on July 6, 2018, and is distributed by VPAL.

Papa Beeto who has been a fan favorite from the moment he hit limelight from 1984 till date, has continued to rule the wavelengths of reggae music with his soul-touching lyricism. The Kingston-born old-timer, who first dropped his first single titled “Shaolin Fighting” back in ’84, is continuing his quest to fight social vices, discourage violence and promote peace and harmony in all human society through the prophetic utterances of his music.

Sweet Sweet Jamaica is a song loaded with emotions, pain and worry about the general welfare of mankind in the face of continuous violence, poverty, anarchy, and death. Papa Beeto has continued to toe the pathway that defines reggae music and why so many people over the world have fallen in love with this genre of music—speaking the bitter truth in the face of unclad reality. That’s what reggae music has been about for the past three decades, and reggae prophets like Papa Beeto have chosen to live and die on that path of duty.

Reggae Maestro, Papa Beeto, Releases Bombshell Single, “Sweet Sweet Jamaica”Papa Beeto on his new single, “Sweet Sweet Jamaica”

Jamaica is known for reggae music, the friendly people of love, Rastafarian culture which Represent our beautiful Island, In the past we could walk anywhere without any problems, These days crime and violence is getting out of control, That doesn’t represent our Sweet Jamaica, All we are asking everyone is to bring back the love and stop the senseless killing, and we will be so happy again, and build up our Sweet Jamaica, Enjoy this song, hope you all can learn something from it,” said Papa Beeto.

The song, “Sweet Sweet Jamaica” in this context uses the sunrise nation of Jamaica to depict the condition of the present world, with a clarion call to people in all societies to become more humane and bring back the glory days of love, peace, and security for all.


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