Commentary With Winston Barnes: Real Election, Vote Down The Ballot

your-vote-counts-2SOUTH FLORIDA – As we approach elections on the first Tuesday of November, it is time to forget about the Presidential race. At least for a moment to examine what is at stake outside of it but of the significance to that contest.

Voters in our community need to understand what voting down the ballot means.

It means that if you only vote for the president you might be doing yourself and your community a disservice.

If your choice for President wins and does not have the congressional support, congress persons and senators, he or she cannot achieve even the loftiest of goals, promised or not.

The community needs to understand that a President cannot decide how much you pay for water or sewage.

The same health care legislation many now benefit from, cannot continue to improve and expand if a new President doesn’t have the support to make those improvements over time.

So, as I suggested, do away with the Presidential road show and be selfish in a positive way.

You want your candidate to win but for that candidate to get any work done he or she has to have a congress that is not as disruptive as the one Barack Obama had to endure for eight years.

Get out and vote, and, vote down the ballot.

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Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley



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