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Racial Equity Task Force Approved by Broward County Commission

Commissioner Dale Holness, Broward County
Commissioner Dale Holness, Broward County
Commissioner Dale Holness Sponsors Racial Equity Task Force Ordinance

[BROWARD COUNTY] – Broward County Commissioners have finalized and approved the creation of a Racial Equity Task Force that will identify systemic and racial inequities and develop a detailed plan aimed at eliminating racism and create greater racial equity in Broward.

The 37-member Racial Equity Task Force will include a wide range of members from a broad cross section of communities that have been negatively impacted by systemic and institutional racial inequities, and individuals and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment in eliminating systemic racism and taken action to create greater racial equality.

Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness, who sponsored the ordinance that won Commission approval, cited the results of a study conducted this year by the global financial company Citi.

“The failure to close the racial inequality gaps experienced by Black Americans has cost the United States’ economy an estimated $16 trillion over the last twenty years.  Closing these gaps would add an estimated $5 trillion of additional Gross National Product over the next five years. That means prosperity for all of us,” said Holness.

Racial Equity Task Force Membership

Broward Commissioners will each appoint one member to the Task Force.  Membership will also include a person from the:

  • Broward Workshop
  • Broward League of Cities
  • Hispanic Unity of Florida
  • School Board of Broward County
  • Broward County Sheriff
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  • Urban League of Broward County
  • Office of the State Attorney for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • Office of Public Defender for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • Black Lives Matter
  • New Florida Majority
  • Community Foundation of Broward
  • Broward County Black Chamber of Commerce
  • United Way of Broward County
  • Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
  • Children’s Services Council of Broward County
  • A representative from the banking or mortgage banking industry
  • Representative recommended by the Broward Council of Chambers of Commerce
  • The Pride Center at Equality Park
  • An individual from Broward College
  • Six Broward residents who are engaged in racial equity work in one of the County’s systems for child welfare, housing and homelessness, or health care services nominated by the Human Services Department
  • A representative of a newspaper of other media organization
  • Women of Color Empowerment Institute

“This brings us an entity that will identify issues of inequities, bring about policy recommendations and identify those who will be able to implement across the board solutions, that we can work,” said Commissioner Holness.

The Racial Equity Task Force will work to identify systemic and institutional racial inequities in Broward, educate the public, government entities, businesses and community organizations about racial equity, research and recommend standards for the collection of analysis and reporting of disaggregated data regarding racial equality, establish benchmarks and accountability measures for progress reports and identify and recommend organizations who will be responsible for the implementation of policies developed to eliminate racism and create greater racial equality.

In October, Commissioners approved the Broward County Police and Criminal Justice Review Board, sponsored by Commissioner Holness.

This Review Board will gather data on police use of force and unfair treatment in the criminal justice system, publish data and reports, identify issues that can be addressed through policy changes, and make recommendations accordingly.



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