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Preparing Your Bathroom Before Selling Your Home

Preparing Your Bathroom Before Selling Your Home

Preparing Your Bathroom Before Selling Your Home

As a homeowner, when planning to move, you generally spend much of your time shopping for new houses. However, you can get more money from your home with some basic renovations. Your real estate agent knows that landscaping, kitchens, and bathrooms sell houses. The washroom is commonly overlooked despite being one of the most used rooms. It is hard to decide where to start and how much to spend since you are moving out. The following are a few small steps that will turn a drab space into one that sells.

Make Repairs

One frustration a person has when shopping for homes is something not working correctly. While you are walking through your house, make repairs along the way. In the bathroom, look for showerheads that are lacking power or broken ventilation. You use your bathroom every day, so think about what bothers you and fix it. Some repairs you will also want to consider are broken tiles, stained counters, and warped cabinets. Check over your bathroom and write notes on each area. Use this list to help with the renovation budget for the room.

Replace or Refurbish the Old

Just because you have vintage fixtures in your bathroom does not mean that you need to remodel everything. If your bathtub is older and still in excellent shape, consider creating a room that works with it. Victoria Plum has hundreds of products that you can shop from that will make a space look spectacular. The goal is to have the room look open, light, and inviting. If most of your house is modern and smart, make your bathroom match with technology-infused mirrors, lights, and faucets.

Appearances are Everything

Resale value is all about appearances. You have heard the phrase, “one look is worth a thousand words.” Potential buyers decide if they want to go back to a house for more information after taking one look around. This means you will want to grab them with the colors, layout, fixtures, and overall style in the bathroom. The most expensive bathroom will not win over a luxurious and inviting space. While new is always preferred, refurbishing old fixtures with new pulls or lights may be enough. Create a space through décor and storage, so the room seems larger than it really is and functional. Make sure you stay within a budget for the remodel to not lose money on the home you are selling.

Remember the Small Details

Finally, when you are renovating, remember the small details matter. Mirrors, hardware, faucets, and storage can make or break a sale. Thankfully, these aspects are often the cheapest items to replace and can be done in a few hours.

When it comes to selling your home, remember it is an entire package. You want to do everything you can to keep a cohesive look that will wow potential buyers. Let your real estate agent guide you to the best decisions to improve the value of your home without spending a lot of extra money.



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