New Transportation Degree at MDC to Ready Future Workforce for Miami’s Job Boom

MIAMI – Beginning this fall semester, Miami Dade College (MDC) will offer an Associate in Science (AS) degree in Transportation and Logistics to help cultivate skilled workers for the broad range of jobs that will emerge with the county’s rapidly expanding transportation industry.

As a major hub for international trade and tourism, Miami-Dade County’s economy heavily relies on its integrated transportation system, part of which sees massive volumes of incoming goods at local ports that are then transported throughout the country. Administered by MDC’s prestigious Eig-Watson School of Aviation, the Transportation and Logistics degree is even more critical with current expansions of the nearby Panama Canal and the Miami International Airport (MIA).

Students choosing to pursue the AS in Transportation and Logistics at MDC can select one of two certificate specializations.

• Intermodal Freight Transportation
• International Freight Transportation

Upon completion of the program, MDC graduates will be prepared for in-demand careers from distribution managers and logistical operators for transporting goods and people, to automobile, rail and aviation fleet maintenance and operations. Graduates will be better prepared to matriculate into other 4-year degree programs offered by MDC. The degree and certificate program is also designed to help existing entry level workers in these fields to advance to supervisory or management positions.

This program also provides a direct pipeline to the College’s new Bachelor of Applied Science in Supply Chain Management, set to debut in fall 2014. Administered by the School of Business, this new degree is designed to prepare students to immediately enter the workforce with the occupational titles of Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors, Business Operations Specialists, Logisticians, General and Operations Managers, Purchasing Managers, Operations Research Analysts, Management Analysts, and Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers. The economic impact that this industry has on the market place is exponential.

Logistics and trade has been identified as one of seven targeted industries for exponential economic growth in Miami Dade County. The council has also identified a critical void in the South Florida area of trained professionals for this field.

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