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New Pre-Paid Debit Cards to enter the Caribbean

PHOENIX – TMS Corporation has signed an agreement with Internet Mobile & Caribbean Network Ltd. of Kingston, Jamaica.

The affiliation will facilitate the sales of the “Compass Pre Paid Debit Card” throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean. The smsComet and eWalletPlus systems will be used for the loading and un-loading of the smsComet Value card, Compass Card, and to facilitate the transfer of funds between the Compass and smsComet cards.

The Jamaican company is currently licensed to retail mobile phones and VoIP within the Caribbean through 8 locations throughout Jamaica. Ian Mears of Internet Mobile & Caribbean Network Ltd. states that “they should be able to sell 4,000 smsComet and Compass Cards per month.”

Vana Blue, Inc. (Pink Sheets: VBLU) previous announced a name change and that the company had purchased TMS Corporation, now a subsidiary of Vana Blue, Inc. Vana Blue is a software technology company for the prepaid and funds transfer business with a multi-tiered suite of products and services. These products are:

– “The Compass MasterCard(R) Pre Paid Debit Card”

– “The SMS Comet Mobile/Card System”

– “The eWallet Plus On-line Payment Portal”

Donald “Rex” Gay, corporate president, stated, “This is the first transaction of this type for the company, and we plan to continuously add similar products to our portfolio.”

Not only will Vana Blue enter this market but their suite of products will address the international markets.

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