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New Market analysis source opens up for Jamaican investors

KINGSTON, Jamaica – A new electronic newsletter, Daily Market Update, which provides timely information to JN Fund Managers’ (JNFM) investors, is now available to a wider audience, says Sharon Whitelocke, Research and Development Manager.

The Daily Market Update, which offers a summary of key developments in the local and international financial markets, was launched in November 2009 and the response from recipients has been so positive that the report is now available, at no cost, to the public via email.

“Our aim is to provide concise information on market developments,” Mrs. Whitelocke said. The Market Update aims to assist investors, principally new entrants to the market, with global trends while reducing an overload of information.

Sharon Whitelocke

In addition to tracking the highlights on the local stock exchange, the Update provides an insight on select international indices. Information on cross currency FX rates, key commodity prices, as well as changes in the prices of and yields on US Government treasury Notes and Bonds are covered in the newsletter.

Keith Senior

JNFM’s General Manager, Keith Senior, also highlighted that in addition to the Daily Market Update, the company issues a JNFM Investor E-Bulletin which provides information on new Government of Jamaica and Bank of Jamaica primary debt issues. Both publications are aimed at assisting investors in arriving at sound financial choices. He further mentioned that JNFM’s experienced Investment Advisors are located islandwide in all of the branches of Jamaica National Building Society and are available to assist the public in developing sound money management strategies.

Investors may access the Update by forwarding an email to: [email protected]

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