New Luxury Hotel Under Nayara Flag Breaks Ground in Puerto Rico

The Nayara Toro Verde will generate an estimated $6 million for the island’s economy

OROCOVIS, Puerto Rico – On Monday, August 3, the prestigious Nayara hotel chain and Toro Verde Adventure Park came together for a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of the new luxury Nayara Toro Verde Hotel in Orocovis. The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) is excited to welcome the Nayara flag to Puerto Rico, specifically to Toro Verde Adventure Park in the central mountain range region. The Nayara  hotel chain, which is no longer exclusive to Costa Rica with its expansion to Puerto Rico, has ample brand recognition and holds a high reputation in the international tourism industry community.

“In addition to the prestige that the construction of a Nayara hotel brings to our destination’s tourism industry, the project also represents an important initiative for the economic development of the mountain region and Puerto Rico,” stated Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort, executive director of the PRTC. “The first phase of the construction process represents a $2.5 million investment which will create between 50 and 60 jobs. In its operational phase, the hotel will employ between 50 and 60 additional individuals.”

In addition to its economic contribution, the hotel will also supplement Puerto Rico’s tourism industry as plans for expansion are already underway. The first phase of construction will include 20 luxury cabins, a lobby, common guest areas, and a swimming pool. The hotel is expected to comply with all the PRTC’s requirements to be certified as an eco-touristic development. According to Rivera Rocafort, plans for the completed construction project include a total of 50 cabins for an estimated comprehensive investment of $6 million in the island’s economy.

“Toro Verde is a dream come true,” said Jorge Jorge, CEO of Toro Verde. “Thanks to your support and our desire to always be innovators and stay on the cutting edge of the eco-tourism trends, we have joined forces with the Nayara flag, a world renowned five-star hotel chain with plenty of experience in providing unforgettable experiences to their guests. These facilities in the Toro Verde Mountains will bring a new perspective to the luxury and ecotourism niche markets in Puerto Rico. I am positive that this is the beginning of another successful undertaking, one that will showcase the potential of our beautiful Island to the world.”

Nayara Hotel in Costa Rica
Nayara Hotel in Costa Rica

“Today is a very important day for us,” said Mr. Fredy Obando, Nayara Hotel Company.  “It marks the first time Nayara Hotel expands its horizons beyond Costa Rica. We are very excited that this growth is happening in this beautiful island and within such a successful project as Toro Verde is. I am sure that this partnership be very beneficial to Puerto Rico and will attract a new market to the destination.”

The groundbreaking ceremony for the hotel in the renowned nature adventure park also included the inauguration of the Labyrinth Rope Course. The innovative, $200,000 structure measures 60 feet by 60 feet and boasts 36 different adventure courses, including suspension bridges, canopies, obstacles, and rappelling lines. The Labyrinth Rope Course will be the largest in America and have a capacity to host 50 people per hour. It will be used mainly for team building dynamics and birthday celebrations.

“We are grateful to the Nayara Hotel Company for its trust in Puerto Rico as a travel destination and the developers of the Toro Verde for their vision and commitment to creating a unique adventure park,” said Rivera Rocafort. “This park will continue to attract travelers to our Island in search of adventures such as the challenging ‘The Beast’ zip line, the newly inaugurated Labyrinth Rope Course and the upcoming Nayara Toro Verde Hotel. At the Puerto Rico Tourism Company we are very fortunate to have Toro Verde as an ally of the tourism industry and the promotion of Puerto Rico as a five-star destination”.


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