National Bar Association Visits Haiti For Its International Affiliates Meeting

MIAMI – The National Bar Association (NBA) has just returned from a trip to Haiti as part of its 2016 NBA Annual International Affiliates Meeting. Over 30 NBA delegates travelled to Haiti from May 18-22.

NBA leaders and members experienced in Haiti, the cities of Port-au-Prince, Montrouis and Cap The President of Haiti, Mr. Jocelerme Privert and the Minister of Justice, Camille Edouard Jr. welcomed the NBA by hosting a a reception at the Kinam Hotel in Pétion-ville on May 18th, Haitian Flag Day.

At the reception, the President, who was appointed in February by the Haitian Parliament to hold office until free and fair elections could be held, explained that he has formed a commission that is evaluating the results of the contested presidential elections.   The commission will also propose corrections to the electoral process to remedy any flaws found during the evaluation to ensure election results reflecting the choice of the Haitian people.

Benjamin Crump, President National Bar Association
Benjamin Crump, President National Bar Association

On May 19th, the NBA met with the leadership of the Haitian Bar.  They discussed justice, the rule of law and a potential affiliation between the two bar organizations.   The balance of the trip involved a tour of the Haitian countryside, an orphanage, and the historic Citadel, built by Haitian King Henri Christophe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, commonly referred to as one of the eight wonders of the World.

“After visiting Haiti, we are impressed with Haiti’s, people, history and culture.  The NBA supports President Privert’s efforts to ensure free and fair elections in Haiti; it is important to the stability of the country, the improvement of its economic posture and the quality of life of the Haitian people, that there is trust in the electoral process and that the next President of Haiti be one that is chosen democratically by the people of Haiti,” stated NBA President Benjamin Crump.


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