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NABJ-South Florida Chapter Announces Scholarship Recipients for 2023

Local Journalism Organization Building Stronger Networks, Fostering Career Growth, and Upholding Excellence in Journalism

MIAMI – The National Association of Black Journalists -South Florida (NABJ-South Florida) chapter announces the recipients of their 2023 scholarships. NABJ-South Florida is dedicated to empowering journalists and media professionals across the region.

With a firm commitment to excellence, community, and the advancement of journalism, NABJ-South Florida continues to be a beacon of support for its members and the broader journalism community. This year’s scholarship recipients were part of a pool of talented applicants.

“Our chapter is committed to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment where future journalists can thrive,” said Chapter President Calvin Hughes, an anchor at WPLG-Local 10. “Creating a diverse workforce starts with investing and mentoring in a diverse pipeline of students who will hopefully be the future of journalism.

2023 NABJ-South Florida Scholarship Recipients

  • 2023 Female recipient of the Dwight Lauderdale Scholarship. Awarded: $5000.00.

Laralyn Jackson-University of Miami, Journalism Student-2023.

Laralyn Jackson -NABJ-South Florida Chapter Scholarship Recipient
Laralyn Jackson

“Writing and storytelling have always been my safe space and driving force to keep going in life.”-Laralyn Jackson.

  • 2023 Male recipient of the Dwight Lauderdale Scholarship. Awarded: $5000.00

Enzo Canete – second-year journalism student at Florida International University

Enzo Canete - NABJ-South Florida Chapter Announces Scholarship Recipient
Enzo Canete

“Today, I call myself a Social Science Communicator, but in reality, my goal is to make the information we deserve to know accessible to those around me, and with every story, I consider in this regard…as a journalist, a storyteller, and above all else, as a human being.”-Enzo Canete.

  • 2023 Female recipient of the Dwight Lauderdale Scholarship. Awarded: $5000.00.

Hawah Ezell-Senior at Florida International University

Hawah Ezell - NABJ-South Florida Chapter Scholarship Recipient
Hawah Ezell

One of Hawah’s references says, “She has found her passion in telling stories based around culture and minority communities.”

  • 2023 Male recipient of the Rochelle Bridges Scholarship. Awarded: $5000.00.

Jordan Bankston-Freshman is a High Point University student and a Gulliver Prep graduate.

Jordan Bankston - NABJ-South Florida Chapter Scholarship Recipient
Jordan Bankston

“Former NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen said, “Jordan is a smart and determined young man as well as a gifted athlete.” He goes on to say, “Jordan is a smart, conscientious, focused and hard-working young man with a bright future.”-Jordan Bankson

NABJ-South Florida understands journalism’s vital role in the South Florida community and society. It recognizes the importance of fostering connections among journalists, facilitating career growth, and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the profession. With these goals in mind, NABJ-South Florida provides numerous opportunities and resources to its members.

NABJ-South Florida Key Initiatives and Highlights

  • Networking Opportunities

NABJ-South Florida hosts a variety of events, including networking mixers, panel discussions, and workshops, to bring journalists together. These events provide a platform for members to forge valuable connections, share experiences, and collaborate on projects.

  • Career Development

Through mentorship programs, skill-building workshops, annual college fairs, and access to industry leaders, NABJ-South Florida supports its members in advancing their careers. The chapter actively assists emerging journalists in navigating the evolving media landscape.

  • Community Engagement

NABJ-South Florida is committed to engaging with and giving back to the community through outreach initiatives and volunteering with local organizations.

NABJ-South Florida is proud of its diverse membership, including print, broadcast, digital media, public relations, and communications professionals. This diversity of expertise and backgrounds enriches the chapter’s offerings and strengthens its commitment to journalistic excellence. Whether you are an aspiring journalist, a seasoned professional, or simply passionate about journalism, NABJ-South Florida welcomes community involvement and partnerships.

NABJ-South Florida Elects New Officers

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