Moving Home? Here’s How to Find the Right Moving Company

finding a moving companyThey say that getting married and moving home are two of the most stressful life events that anyone can put themselves through, and while marriage may not be on the cards for a variety of reasons, the desire to lay down roots and find the perfect home is a milestone we’d all love to reach, sooner rather than later.

Just like you would use a real estate broker like Compass to make the search for your dream home as smooth and as straightforward as possible, taking some time to research, plan and approve the right moving company to navigate and implement your moving day also makes perfect sense – especially if you want to keep your stress levels down as your precious possessions are loaded into a truck.

In this post, we’ll explore some simple ways you can find the right moving company for you and your needs.  


It all starts with some simple online research. There might be more than you expected, so you need to narrow them down. Find out if they cover the areas you’re moving to and from. Then, make a list of those you like the look of, and want to find out more about.

Read all the reviews

When you have your list of potential moving companies to use, read all the reviews you can find, both positive and negative. Some companies will have little or no online presence. In this industry, it isn’t always reflective of whether the company is a good one to use. Removals can be a manual career, rather than a technical one. However, they will usually have social media such as Facebook, where comments and reviews can be left, or the company will be mentioned on review sites. An overall positive rating is good, but the individual comments can be informative. If you know what you need from the moving company, it shouldn’t matter if customers rate those particularly high, but complain about some of the services you won’t need anyway.

Check what the company’s insurance covers

If you’re moving expensive or rare items or those with high sentimental value, you want to ensure they will be taken care of. Although some things can’t be replaced, check that the company’s insurance covers the replacement of any items which can be replaced, in case they are lost or damaged in transit. Some moving companies might only insure your items up to a specific value. If so, you might need to take out your own insurance.

Get a quote and be clear about what this includes

When you obtain quotes, get a description of exactly what this covers. Some quotes may seem cheap, but you could end up paying more if this doesn’t include everything you need. So don’t just compare quotes based on price and automatically go with the lowest one. Instead, weigh up the costs of the quotes along with anything else you might need to spend to ensure you get your belongings safely from A to B, in a way that matches your expectations.

Finding the right moving company will ease the stress of moving. So you can focus on looking forward to being in your new home and settling in, as you make it feel like home.




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