Mexican Foreign Minister wants stronger trade ties between Mexico and Jamaica

Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Luis Ernesto Derbez Bautista, is calling for stronger trade ties between Mexico and Jamaica, in order to create more investment opportunities for both countries. “It is incredible to think that being so close we would really have so little trade and we know so little about each other,” he stated.

Dr. Bautista, who was speaking at a breakfast matchmaking meeting of private sector representatives of both countries on Wednesday, May 4 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, identified telecommunications, construction, ports and tourism as the sectors through which the businessmen could collaborate.

“We want to cooperate and work with the government of Jamaica and the business people of Jamaica in making this a possible feat,” he stated, promising that whatever alliances were reached, would have the support of the Mexican government.

He noted that Jamaica had an “incredible” port, through which “more business (could) come your way from Mexico and through Mexico from the United States and other parts.”

“If you think the relationship is one where we can have joint alliances between business people in Mexico and business people in Jamaica . we would be more than happy to provide that support,” Dr. Bautista said.

The call for stronger business ties between Mexico and Jamaica, the Foreign Minister told the meeting, was in keeping with a mandate from Mexican President, Vicente Fox, for increased relations between Mexico and the Caribbean. He noted that Jamaica was the door through which this could be made possible.

“We have been looking more and more towards the CARICOM countries and in particular Jamaica, which should be the basis where we can set up the new relationship between Mexico and the Caribbean,” he stated.

Dr. Bautista noted that the Mexican and Jamaican governments were more than willing to work with the private sector representatives to further business ties between the countries, but the partnership could only happen “if business people get together and make business happen”.

“From business, we get to know each other as a country much better. From business we can really see and perceive what we can do and you are the people who can do this. We can help as much as we can but we are not business people, we are politicians, who are working in government (and) in fact only the business people can make things happen,” he stressed.

He also extended an invitation for Jamaican business personnel to bring Mexico into Jamaica and vice verse.

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