Commentary: “We Must Fight for the Right to Breathe”, Marlon Hill

by Marlon Hill

SOUTH FLORIDA  – Friends, I am still shaken and hurt to have witnessed the video of Mr. George Floyd taking his last breath from the actions of a Minneapolis police officer. I am frustrated and disappointed at the recurrence of the loss of Black lives in similar instances around our nation.

The police officer who committed this unspeakable act along with the other officers, who failed to do anything are all equally responsible for this crime. I wholeheartedly believe that no law enforcement training or conduct justifies this inhumane action.

Though our Constitution mandates the right to free speech and peaceful protest to express our hurt and rage, it must be exercised without violence and crimes against the public. In order to amplify our passion for justice, we must channel our obvious anger and frustrations in influencing and changing systems and laws in our society that perpetuate these injustices.

This year, we have an opportunity to demonstrate this personal power to change our society where needed at the ballot box. Strategize. Activate. Mobilize. Advocate. Vote. This year, we are voting to save lives and the right to breathe.


Your in Service,


We Must Fight for the Right to Breathe
Marlon Hill

Marlon Hill, candidate for Miami Dade – County Commissioner, District 9

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