Marketing firm aims to improve the desolate condition of the Caribbean music industry

MIAMI – Phoenix-Livity is a marketing firm, which focuses on strengthening the Caribbean market “brand”. The Caribbean Culture is one of the most diverse, unique, and admired cultures in the world, and therefore one of the most profitable!

In the past, the industry has been plagued with disorganization and a self-centered outlook on business, which has limited the profitability of Caribbean businesses.

Phoenix-Livity was founded by Kimberlee Archer- former Promotions Coordinator for VP Records. Phoenix -Livity plans to group all available talent and resources in the market to develop a network that maximizes profitability by combining all aspects of “Caribbean” culture to market our businesses, with the goal to create a greater demand for Caribbean culture, which translates into sales for our businesses.

Kimberlee Archer

For example, look at any Caribbean commercial currently airing, it is clearly geared towards the sale of one product. What the Phoenix brings to the table is cross-promotion! Imagine an Air Jamaica commercial, with Sean Paul getting on the plane wearing a Cooyah design, drinking a Grace Tropical Riddims Drink, sitting down to watch a Kariblink Mix-Tape DVD, then a flight attendant asks him to choose between a bottle of Appleton or Wray and Nephew Rum. This is marketing of culture! Instead of one company taking on the expenses and reaping minimal benefits, within the same 60 seconds we have showcased 7 different products and split the expenses amounts 6 companies.

Phoenix-Livity specializes in the marketing of Artist, DJ’s, Small Businesses, and Corporations. The Phoenix also offers a host of services such as Talent Booking, Music Publishing, Digital Distribution, Event Planning, and Management Consultation. In addition to the services we provide we also oversee three membership groups; The Dub Factory-Online Record Pool, The Promoters Guild, and The Melting Pot-Caribbean Small Business Network. These membership groups are design to provide continuous support for their members.

The Dub Factory provides new releases directly from Producers in the highest digital quality available, access to dub-plate & drop specials from Artists, Breaking News in the music industry as well as tips on how to make money as a DJ in an evolving industry.

The Promoters Guild provides tour and concert packages at a discounted rate, free advice on marketing of events, discounts on marketing materials as well as investment opportunities outside their current market. Promoters will also receive breaking news about the music industry as well as tips on how to make money in a changing market.

The Melting Pot is not entertainment based as the others but is more geared towards developing an economy of scale. Running a business is challenging, but not knowing what you are doing and not having the resources to do what is needed to generate revenue is the down fall of most small businesses. This Association’s purpose is to educate the undereducated and pool resources to guarantee that each member has the resources they need to succeed.

“The biggest difference between the Phoenix and our competitors is a genuine interest in our client’s success” says Kimberlee. “We believe that our success can only be measured by the success of our clients and partners. The structure of our company has a unique webbed designed to generate revenue not just for the Phoenix but also for everyone in the network. The Phoenix is for those seeking to do better by combining their individual efforts with others. Only through working together can we accomplish our individual goals”!

Although their focus is the Caribbean market they are not limited to working with only Caribbean people. There are profitable opportunities available for outside companies that would like to target the Caribbean market. Due to the diverse nature of the Caribbean culture general market marketing doesn’t work. Therefore businesses must understand the sub-cultures within the Caribbean in order to adequately penetrate the market.

The official launch of Phoenix-Livity will be held at Sessions 701 located at 2674 Oakland Park Blvd. on July 14. The public is welcome to come and experience the Phoenix –first hand. The Millennium Band will be performing, along with upcoming artists Revelation and Kimone Anderson.

The Phoenix will also be honoring 15 unsung local heroes within the Caribbean Music Industry.

For more information on this event call 866.DUB.5050, or email [email protected] or visit their website: or

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