LifeLine Gala 2023 Awards Honors Community Stalwarts

by Howard Campbell

BRONX, NY – The inaugural LifeLine Gala 2023 Awards, an event recognizing community stalwarts in The Bronx, takes place December 7 at Eastwood Manor in New York.

Ten persons and organizations will be honored by Bible Truth Church of God International, located in The Bronx. That congregation is led by Jamaican Pastor Leroy Hawthorne and his wife Herma.

Their son, Damion Hawthorne,  is spokesperson for the event. He spoke to South Florida Caribbean News about its significance.

Pastor Leroy and Herma Hawthorne to host Lifeline Gala 2023
Pastor Leroy Hawthorne and his wife Herma of the Bible Truth Church of God International, in The Bronx, New York.

“As we approach this special evening, let’s remember the importance of recognizing and celebrating these heroes among us. Your presence at the gala will add to the joy and significance of this event. Don’t forget, purchase your tickets by November 30 by scanning the QR Code or contacting us at 386-679-7871. Celebrate with us, and be inspired by the stories of these incredible individuals and organizations,” said Hawthorne.

Leroy Hawthorne is the brother of Lowell Hawthorne, founder of the Golden Krust Restaurant chain. The family has been involved in community service in The Bronx for over 20 years.

The LifeLine Gala is also a fundraiser for outreach programs operated by the Bible Truth Church of God International.

LifeLine Gala Awardees

Platinum Service Award
  • Ray Zoroufie, Brims Snacks: Ray Zoroufie and Brims Snacks are recognised for their exceptional dedication and support to the community. Their contributions have set a high standard in philanthropy and community service.
Community Hero Award
  • Pasquale Russo, Chef Choice, who has exemplified the spirit of community service and dedication to uplifting those around him.
Circle of Excellence Award
  • Errol Green, celebrating his outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the community’s well-being.
Benefactor Award
  • Marcia Hawthorne and Shawn Ffrench of Golden Krust Restaurant, are recipients of the Benefactor Award, recognising their generous support and impactful contributions to the community.
Shining Star Award
  • Apostle Michael and Pastor Renee Bennett, Unity With Love, for their inspirational leadership and unwavering commitment to serving others.
Above & Beyond Award
  • Fulton Reid, Sunshine Cuisine, is recognized for his extraordinary efforts and dedication that surpass expectations in community service.
Positive Impact Award
  • Virgilio Payano, Manilla Poultry, in recognition of his significant contributions that have positively transformed the community.
Golden Heart Awards
  • Goes to Earl Gonter, Joslet Foster and Jennifer Hylton, in  acknowledgement of their compassionate hearts and unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.



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