Journalist Andria Hall releases new book on wealth creation designed to transform lives

SCOTCH PLAINS, New Jersey – Internationally known journalist, author and communications strategist, Andria Hall, has introduced a new book The Walk to Wealth™: 7 Guiding Principles to Prosperity (SpeakEasy MEDIA Publishing) which peers closely into the lives of more than a half dozen entrepreneurs who each reveal that genuine wealth is achieved when you journey along your personal pathway to purpose.

“All of those profiled offer practical and inspirational dialogue demonstrating that in life we must pursue two courses: possibility and prosperity,” said the Emmy Award-winning Hall, who underscores that “true wealth means embracing the plan that God has for you, grabbing hold of His promises and His power. It also means understanding that neither money nor education, pleasure nor accomplishments will satisfy us, for we are designed to contain God in our spirits, and it is He who determines our ability to live in true prosperity giving us the power to get wealth,” said Hall, president of SpeakEasy M.E.D.I.A., Inc. and a National Sales Director with YTB International, a home-based travel company.

Andria Hall

The book features the stories of successful travel industry entrepreneurs Donald Bradley, Melissa Boston and Jil Greene of Atlanta, the California-based Andy Lakey, Gail Moaney of New Jersey, Scott Tomer, president and CEO of the Illinois-based YTB International, and Hall herself who reveals a phenomenal story of God’s healing power over her life. “For me, true wealth absolutely means being in good health,” Hall shares.

Dr. Myles Munroe, Founder and Senior Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International, writes in the book’s Foreword: “I am excited about this book because one of the most important, controlling pillars of society is economics. Money, as the Bible says, explains everything and it answers everything. If you don’t control the purse of society, you cannot impact society.”

Dr. Munroe, a motivational speaker, best-selling author and business consultant, highlights, “Jesus Christ wanted disciples around Him who understood business, understood the value of money, understood hard work, and understood proper investments. They owned the fishing company. This to me sends a strong message. The message of the Bible is about impacting, infiltrating, engaging, and transforming society – not avoiding it.”

Hall, Munroe believes, doesn’t avoid the message, but tackles it transparently in The Walk to Wealth ™: Seven Guiding Principles to Prosperity. The book highlights seven guiding principles needed to live a life of balance and spiritual significance – from letting go of the past to buying back your freedom. “Oh, and by the way, the things will then follow you. (*Matthew 6:33),” added Hall, who has commanded the anchor desk of the world renowned CNN.

To pre-order The Walk to Wealth™: 7 Guiding Principles to Prosperity at a special pre-release price of US $10 visit before August 11, 2008.

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