JN Money Services (USA) Well Positioned for Future

FT. LAUDERDALE – Horace Hines, Acting Managing Director, JN Money Services USA Inc, owners and operators of the newly-rebranded “JN Money,” said the company was well-positioned for the future, as it continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its customers in the Diaspora.

Mr Hines made those remarks at a dinner to celebrate JNMS USA Inc. 20th Anniversary in Florida at the Renaissance Plantation Hotel in Plantation, Florida on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

The event was held to recognise the JNMS USA Inc. milestone as a company, which operated the remittance brand, previously known as “JN Money Transfer,” and its dedication to connecting Jamaicans in Florida with their loved ones back home, as well as, to celebrate its achievements over the past two decades.

Horace Hines JN Money Services (USA) Well Positioned for Future
Horace Hines, Acting General Manager, JN Money Services

“The 21st century money transfer operator does more than simply send and receive money.  Consequently, we have undertaken a rebranding exercise and will be offering our customers an extended suite of services in the coming months,” Mr Hines stated.

“This means we will be doing more than money transfers, as we recognise that the needs of our customers are evolving and they require more than they did 20 years ago. Therefore, by adding these new services, our brand will be well-positioned for the future,” he affirmed.

Mr Hines said the new services will include: an e-commerce website and other digital solutions, to allow persons to send money to their loved ones in Jamaica while “on the go,” and will shortly become available to customers in the United States of America.

“That online service is now operational in Canada and the United Kingdom and has been well received by our customers,” he explained. “Therefore, we are confident that  this and other services will ensure that we remain in the Florida not only for another 20 years, but indefinitely,” he declared.

In his presentation, Earl Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer of The Jamaica National Group, noted that JNMS  had grown to become the largest Caribbean-owned remittance company.

“The company has grown from sending remittances via fax machines, and, a year ago, becoming equal in size, in terms of remittances sent to Jamaica, to the international operator, MoneyGram. That is a remarkable story. And, it shows that Jamaican companies can perform as well as our international counterparts,” he pointed out.

The dinner, which also included a round-table discussion, heard tributes from Hazelle Rogers, Mayor of Lauderdale Lakes, who commended the company for its dedication to the Jamaican Diaspora in Florida.

“We thank JN Money Services for its participation and support in the Diaspora over the years. You have done us proud and have assisted us in many endeavours over the years,” said Mrs Rogers.

Carmen Bartlett, Regional Manager for JN Money Services USA, Southeast, paid tribute to the many persons who assisted the remittance company, over the decades, to become a household name among Jamaicans in Florida. She added that it was hard work, which included many long hours.

The event culminated with an award to Mrs Bartlett for her excellent work and dedication to the Region during the past 20 years.

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