JAMPRO’s chairman, champions Jamaica’s high-value niche manufacturing for export

Kingston, Jamaica – JAMPRO chairman Milton Samuda has highlighted the significant economic opportunity for investment in export-focused, high-value niche manufacturing within the context of the Jamaica Logistics Hub initiative, which seeks to position the country as the next major global logistics hub alongside Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam.

Speaking at the launch of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (MBCCI) Expo 2013 held on July 29, 2013 at the Secrets Resort, Samuda noted that the proposed global transshipment and logistics hub will present myriad opportunities for business interests to be integrated into the global supply chain. He indicated that the opportunities would be explored in greater detail with private sector representatives during a panel discussion scheduled to take place during Expo 2013 in October.

“We in the private sector must do our part. Look at the component parts of the Logistics Hub and see if you can fit in. If you cannot do it alone get partners, local andor foreign. Do not allow the opportunity to pass!” stated Samuda.

He pointed out that JAMPRO will be placing strategic focus on landing manufacturing investment ventures, which include non-equity modes of international production. He explained that the Logistics Hub offers a compelling business proposition and enjoys broad bi-partisan support.

Samuda closed by advising the private sector to plan big and embrace Jamaica’s export sector as a critical engine for national growth. He called on producers and suppliers to sharpen their innovative edge and build on current successes by establishing a broad export base that will generate revenue and contribute to unlocking the country’s full economic potential. He also encouraged Jamaicans to support producers of high quality goods and services

The best of Brand Jamaica products and services will be on show at Expo 2013, which is scheduled to take place on October 11 to 13 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre. The event is now in its 15th year, and is expected to facilitate meaningful business interaction between suppliers and institutional buyers.

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