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Jamaica’s Trade Winds Introduces Two New Products to the Market

Peter McConnell - Managing Director - Trade Winds Citrus Ltd
Peter McConnell – Managing Director – Trade Winds Citrus Ltd

[St Catherine, Jamaica] – Local beverage producer Trade Winds Citrus Limited, a well-known expert in the manufacturing of premium quality juices, is revolutionizing the nutrition and plant-based milk beverage markets with the introduction of two new products, under their newly released brands, TruSHAKE and Tru-Almond.

Managing Director of Trade Winds Citrus, Peter McConnell said, “These new product offerings are in keeping with Trade Winds’ growth trajectory for 2021 – which incorporates diversification, expansion and innovation as our key business strategies.”

TruSHAKE is specifically designed to rival existing products and satisfy consumers’ need for a highly nutritious product which is also affordable. It is suitable for all ages and is offered in a convenient cupboard-friendly 250mL Tetra Pak package. Each serving contains 9g of protein, 30 percent of the daily calcium requirement along with 24 key vitamins and minerals. It is essentially a meal in a bottle to accommodate fast-paced on-the-go lifestyles.

Currently the product is available in a vanilla flavour, but there are plans to launch other new and delicious flavours in 2021.

TruShake from Trade Winds Citrus Ltd

According to Tru-Juice Marketing Manager, Lauren Mahfood “At Trade Winds the consumer is always at the forefront of our product development. We wanted to create a nutrition shake that was healthy, delicious, affordable, and easy to consume; and that is exactly what we did. TruSHAKE is packed with nutrients and has a great flavour for everyone to grab, shake and go.”

Meanwhile, Tru-Almond is breaking into the domestic almond milk market which is mostly dominated by imported products. Tru-Almond is another delicious creamy alternative to dairy and soy milk. The product, which is lactose free and calcium enriched, is offered in a cupboard friendly 1L Tetra Pak package.

Tru-Almond by Trade Winds Citrus Limited.

Both products are locally produced at the Trade Winds factory in Bog Walk, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Trade Winds Citrus was able to bring the TruSHAKE 250mL product to market with a US$3M investment in a brand-new manufacturing line. Tru-Almond is packaged on the company’s existing 1L Tetra Pak line.

Distribution has already commenced for both TruSHAKE and Tru-Almond. Consumers can look out for these products when shopping in supermarkets and wholesales.

Trade Winds Citrus is a proven premium quality producer with leading brands Tru-Juice and Freshhh renowned in the marketplace.



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