Jamaica’s One Stop Import/Export Centre to Boost Trade Activities

By: Lesline Gilzene

KINGSTON, Jamaica – As the Government of Jamaica prepares to open a new One Stop Import/Export Inspection Centre on Tuesday, June 23, already, there are signs of optimisim from the shipping industry.

General Manager of CMACGM Jamaica Limited Shipping Company, Leo Nesbeth, is confident that this facility will improve on the promptness with which goods are cleared.

“Internationally, one of the concerns that have been expressed about Jamaica, is the extent to which people doing business with Jamaica have to make various stops with different agencies to get their goods cleared. This one stop facility will improve the process because people going to this new facility will now see all the agencies under one roof. So it will allow quicker clearing of goods by the customers and should go towards enhancing Jamaica’s international reputation, as a better place and a good place to do business,” he explains

Continuing, Mr. Nesbeth says that he is pleased with the Government’s swift move in implementing the centre, which is well needed to make the system more customer friendly. The Import/Export Centre will provide a central location from which regulatory agencies operate, offering a more co-ordinated and efficient approach to the inspection process of traded goods.

“We are particularly happy with the Government and all those who have been involved in setting up this one stop system. For years now, people have been arguing and discussing the need for us to improve the level of service we give to our customers and this is one of those steps that is absolutely necessary,” he asserts.

Mr. Nesbeth adds that, “I hope that as it work we will move further in making the system more customer friendly and friendly towards facilitating more international business and together we can assist in the continued growth and development of our country.”

The Jamaica Import/Export inspection centre will house all the regulatory agencies with responsibility for human safety, animal health and plant health. The centre spans the Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries, Industry, Investment and Commerce, and Health, as well as the Jamaica Customs Department.

The facility falls under activities of the Public Sector Modernisation Programme, and is expected to reduce overlaps and gaps in the services offered and minimise the need for importers/exporters to make multiple visits to the regulatory agencies to do business.

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