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Jamaican Director of Elections highlights fingerprints, enumeration and a new voters list as the BEST prevention of voter fraud

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – The People’s Action Movement of St. Kitts was pleased to host Mr. Danville Walker, Director of Elections; Jamaica who journeyed to the Federation to give a public lecture on the issue of Electoral Reform.

Mr. Walker brought his vast experience and expertise as an international consultant on electoral systems and a Commonwealth observer to bear on the many vexing difficulties that have arisen during the Electoral Process in the federation, especially with regard to the implementation of a system of voter identification using fingerprint technology.

He delivered his presentation in an enlightening, engaging and conversational style that warmed the large crowd that packed the conference room at the Ocean Terrace Inn.

Danville Walker along with Host Selwyn “Rusty” Liburd

Mr. Walker was unequivocal that the three things necessary for a trustworthy and sound electoral system were a proper voters list, fingerprint identification to determine bonafide electors and principled people working at the polls.

He emphasized that St. Kitts and Nevis was in the fortunate position of having many examples to choose from and had no need to reinvent the wheel and that all the questions being raised had already been answered elsewhere.

The People’s Action Movement calls on the Government to take heed of the expert advice of someone who is known to be impartial and implement a system that has been proven to work.

The People’s Action Movement reiterates its call for an electoral system with a brand new voters list after an enumeration process and voter ID with fingerprint.

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