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Jamaican Diaspora uplifts Young South Florida at upcoming Leadership Forum

MIAMI – The Jamaican Diaspora Southern United States proudly presents “Shaping Our Future: One Aim, One Destiny.” This free-of-charge, one day Jamaica Youth Forum, aimed at South Florida high school and college students, seeks to enlighten and engage our young leaders in discussion relevant to their success in the U.S. and abroad.

“Our local Jamaican community and Jamaica’s future is highly dependent on how well we nurture our
future leadership. This forum is intended to be a catalyst for this community-building goal,” stated Marlon Hill, Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the Southern United States.

The forum, to be held at the University of Miami on Saturday, April 12, will be from at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with welcome addresses from Attorney Marlon Hill and Mr. Ricardo Allicock, Consul General of Jamaica and will include engaging panel discussion topics such as Making an Impact, Building Relationships, and Cultural Identity.

Noted panelists include Dr. Lloyd Cohen, President of the Jamaican Association of Miami-Dade Educators, David Mullings, Co-Chair of Jamaica Youth Forum and CEO of Realvibez Media and Kelliann McDonald, founder of the Jamaican -American Student Association (JAMSA) at the University of Florida.

“The upcoming Youth Forum is geared to identify problems, foster communication, and offer support and assistance through mentoring, dialogue, and networking among the youths of the Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora,” explained Dr. Cohen.

“Many young Jamaicans are interested in playing a role in shaping the future of our beautiful country. This forum presents an opportunity for networking and learning about what has been done in the past as well as ideas for the future,” added Mr. Mullings.

The forum is open to all Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach high school and college students, student organizations, sororities and fraternities.

All interested parties are invited to contact the host committee at [email protected] or by calling the Jamaican Diaspora at (786)349-2584.

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