Jamaican Born Entrepreneur Karene Stewart Launches Casually Chic

NEW YORK – Jamaican born entrepreneur Karene Stewart is seeking to make it easier for today’s jetsetters or people simply too busy, with the launch of Casually Chic. The company which offers closet organizing and personal shopping services was conceived with the sophisticated career woman in mind, who is finding it increasingly difficult to stay organized, look good, and see to it that business and personal obligations are met.

Stewart noted that since the company was established in 2008, it has attracted clients from as far as Paris and London. The Truman College graduate believes her warm personality, retail experience and ability to make the simple look elegant has contributed to the initial success of Casually Chic.

According to Stewart, “I am excited to be able to reach this stage where we can officially launch the company and introduce Casually Chic to a diverse global audience. I look forward to the continued growth and success of this venture in years to come,” noted the President and CEO.

The company, while based in New York City, is ready to cater to the demands of its international clients, who need help sifting through their closet, getting organized or just personal shopping services.

While it’s no secret that this industry is booming, hard numbers are difficult to come by.

The National Concierge Association, a Chicago-based group that was founded in the late 1990s as a networking and resource organization for both personal and hotel concierges, doesn’t yet track numbers or statistics pertaining to the industry.

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