Jamaican Actress Keturah Hamilton to Star in Upcoming TV Series, “Gaslit”

Jamaican Actress Keturah Hamilton
Keturah Hamilton

by Howard Campbell

[HOLLYWOOD] – Of all the nationalities on script, the Jamaican is the among the most difficult to play. For many years, Jamaicans have found it challenging getting Hollywood to make them authentic.

Keturah Hamilton knows that feeling, having worked in Tinsel Town for over a decade. Her latest roles give her a sense of national pride.

Sense of Pride

“As an actress, it’s a privilege when you audition for a role. But, it’s so rewarding when you book the role. I am super-excited about both of these projects, because these roles brought out my roots,” she told South Florida Caribbean News. “One of the projects is an upcoming TV series on Starz called, “Gaslit” starring Julia Roberts, Allison Tolman, and Sean Penn.  In this co-star role, I played a Jamaican nurse. The second project is a movie called Nanny starring Anna Diop, Phylicia Rashad, and Leslie Uggams.  I played the role of a Jamaican nanny.”

Many parts calling for a Jamaican presence are usually of violent gangsters or Bob Marley types with bad accents.

In Gaslit and Nanny — which will be released in 2022 — Hamilton portrays the Jamaicans’ stalwart contribution to the American health sector. A role which goes back to the 1960’s.

She is well aware of that medical history, which makes these roles so important.

“I was honored to be cast in both of these roles. Especially, because they were looking for an authentic Jamaican actress,” said Hamilton.

Born in St. Catherine parish, Jamaica, Hamilton migrated to the United States with her family at age 13 and settled in Chicago.

Modeling Career

Prior to acting, she was a professional model assigned to Modeling Associates of America International. In addition, Keturah worked on campaigns for companies such as Gucci and Moitie Cosmetics.

A student of NAACP Award-winning actress Gloria Gifford’s Conservatory in Los Angeles, Hamilton played herself in 2009’s Still A Teen Movie. She was cast as Millicent Reid in the 2011 Jamaican film Redemption of Paradise and had an award-winning turn in the Gifford-directed play, The Motherf.ucker With The Hat.


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