Jamaica National GM Earl Jarrett … Greater Fiscal Discipline needed in 2012

Earl Jarrett

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The JN family thanks you for your support and continued patronage during 2011. This past year has been particularly difficult for all of us, as we worked to maintain a solid financial platform on which we could operate an efficient and supportive organisation. We, therefore accept that, 2012 will be a defining period for us, as an organisation and as a nation; however, we can surmount the hurdles through a strong determination and commitment to success.

2012 also holds exciting possibilities for us, as our country celebrates its 50th year of independence. Let us observe our achievements of the past fifty years; and strengthen our resolve to exercise greater fiscal discipline, and develop creative avenues to move our nation forward during the next fifty years. Naturally, our success will depend on the content of our aspirations, the quality of our actions, and a solid commitment to build on the sound foundation that has been established over the years.

I extend sincere appreciation to each JN Group employee for their unswerving commitment to the continued growth of all our organisations and companies. It is evident that, through their individual and collective efforts and a positive work environment, we are indeed equal to our obligations. Special thanks to the members of the Board of Directors for their guidance; and I commend my fellow Executives for their unstinting support throughout the year.

Jamaica National is committed to being your Financial Partner; and, we pledge our continued support to help each person to maximize their financial capital in the New Year.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a New Year filled with peace and prosperity!

Earl Jarrett, General Manager

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