Jah Cure makes an impression in Holland

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jah Cure’s first performance since his release from prison on July 28 has left a lasting impression on his European fans. On Sunday August 12 at the Reggae Sundance Festival in Eindhoven, Holland, Jah Cure performed in front of 20,000 persons who were longing for this day. Below are reports from journalists who were able to capture this historic moment.

Jah Cure on Stage at the Reggae Sundance Festival in Holland

“The field felt it. Jah Cure’s performance at Reggae Sundance in Holland would become a historical moment. While the world was waiting for his release, Jah Cure has given hope to many with his music. With this in mind all his songs felt much more powerful. Longing For, What Will It Take, Jamaica and Prison Walls; he did them in his distinguished way of singing. Almost complaining as if he carries a heavy weight on his back. He reaches the high notes, even if he has to press them out of his toes. That’s the way the crowd likes to hear him! He stood on stage dressed all in white with his sympathetic and relaxed attitude. Compared to other artists he’s different in his stage performance. He shows a lot of tranquility. I think Holland was blessed with Jah Cure on the 12 th of August 2007.” – Melvin Toemin, FunX FM, Rotterdam.

“The show was amazing. The best show I have ever been to. Jah Cure gave a strong performance…Amazing!” – Julian, www.Reggaephotos.de , Germany.

“Jah Cure’s debut performance since his much publicised release from prison promised much, and for once the hype around an artistes performance delivered on all fronts. He seemed completely at home on stage and was greeted by a rapturous reception from the European crowd. His rapport with the audience was instantly noticeable, and with the majestic Dean Frazer leading the Iyah Cure Band it was hard to believe that this was not an outfit that had toured around Europe and the world for some time. And this was actually their first public outing! Cure’s vocal performance was on point throughout, and his fans around the world have a treat in store when he visits their region.” – Ray Paul, BBC 1Xtra, United Kingdom.

“The audience sang along line by line. The atmosphere was electrifying. In the run-up to the Reggae Sundance festival it was evident that most of the over 20,000 visitors travelled there because of Jah Cure. It was history in the making! Jamaica had Bob Marley, Jamaica had Garnett Silk and now Jamaica has Jah Cure, who is on the best way to becoming a superstar. That was the consensus after his outstanding, professional, winning performance, which was the crowning glory of the festival and which put tears in so many eyes because of the beauty of his voice and the circumstances surrounding his very first performance after over eight years in prison.” – Ellen Kohlings, Riddim, Germany

Jamaican fans and journalists will have the opportunity to make their own judgments at Cure’s next performance at Curefest, the 3-day event focusing on the work and music of Jah Cure, October 12-14, 2007.

Robbo Rank of BBC 1Xtra & Jah Cure backstage at Reggae Sun Dance in Holland

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