How to Find the Perfect Meeting or Conference Venue

How to Find the Perfect Meeting or Conference Venue

Picking the right location for your meeting or conference can make or break your event. And it’s quite easy to make a mistake with your choices, as you are probably already overwhelmed with a long to-do list.

Choosing a venue is not a decision you can take lightly. Especially considering the fact that most of the time, the venue takes up a huge part of the cost compared to other items.

To make things a bit easier for you, here are 5 tips that can help you pick the perfect venue for your conference or corporate meetings.

1. Accessibility

One constant factor among the best conference venues is accessibility. When picking a venue, always ensure that the location is one where transportation to and from the venue is not a hassle. Especially if you are expecting a lot of VIPs or high level executives. Your attendees should be able to arrive by rail, road or air.

Also check for those who chose to drive to the venue, that there is ample parking. If the venue can also provide valet services, that would be helpful as your attendees don’t have to worry about how to park their cars.

Accessibility to hotels, restaurants and any other tourist attractions is also important, especially if its an out-of-town meeting for most of the attendees. These help your attendees maximize any networking opportunities that present itself.

2. Capacity

When picking a venue, you want one that not only has comfortable seating for your attendees, but is large enough to accommodate everyone. They should also be able to use their laptops or take notes with ease so ensure there are tables or surfaces to accommodate this.

Some venues are built for concerts and not corporate meetings or conferences. Make sure you don’t pick a concert venue. It can be a horrible experience for your attendees and an embarrassing one for you and your fellow organizers.

3. Safety

Safety should actually be number one on the priority list. You need to ensure that the venue has all the safety measures in place should there be an emergency. Also check in with their safety team for any safety drills or announcements that your attendees need to be briefed on as they arrive.

Make sure your team is also adequately prepared and have rehearsed every single scenario over and over again till it becomes muscle memory. While emergencies are rare, it is never a bad idea to be over prepared.

4. Features

Equipment such as sound or public address systems, catering facilities, wheelchair access for special needs attendees are a must-have. In cases where the venue provides on-site catering, ensure it can take care of attendees with food allergies or special diets.

Sometimes, due to the nature of your conference, you might need to bring in special equipment. Ensure you check in with the venue owners/manager on set-up, power needs and any other issues that you need to tick off to ensure your equipment works without a hitch.

5. Brand Fit

Does the venue affect your brand image positively or negatively? Answering this question is doubly important. It is important that the venue is not only a proper reflection of the image your brand projects or stands for. It should also be an appropriate fit for the caliber of attendees you are expecting.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, your budget plays a role in your final choice. However, you want to find a location that is memorable, cost-effective and safe. These tips can go a long way in ensuring you make the right choice within the constraints of your budget.

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