How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

contributed contentThe service life of water heaters varies from 8 to 20 years, but these figures are conditional since the duration of their use is directly proportional to the operating conditions of the devices. Depending on the operating conditions, this period can both be reduced and increased.

There are many features of the installation or operation of the water heater that directly affect its service life, and it varies depending on the type of appliance selected. The range of models of heaters on the market is very wide, but all of them can be divided into 2 types.

Features of Water Heaters By Type Of Energy Source

According to the source of energy, a water heater can be:

  • Gas
  • Electric

The consumer properties of these devices are the same, they differ only in installation conditions. The main feature of operation for heating appliances that are classified by type of energy source is their installation and supply of energy. Consider finding a contractor if you want the works in your household to be done properly and in time. 

Gas Water Heating Appliance

Gas heaters are mostly unpretentious with regard to maintenance. There are definite rules to follow to omit water heater repair.  The basic requirements that should be satisfied during the operation and installation of this device are as follows:

  • Installation of the device must be carried out as required by the user manual.
  • The presence of a chimney for exhaust gas is a must.
  • The surface on which the device will be mounted must be rigid and durable.
  • The installation of a check valve is obligatory.
  • The annual check of the heater and automation is implied.

In order to be sure that everything is going well with your water heater be sure to consider finding a contractor – this is a key to success.

Electric Boilers

Electric heaters are suitable for both apartments and homes. To extend the life of an electric boiler and avoid the necessity in the water heater replacement, you must keep up with the particular prescriptions. Here, they are:

  • The installation of the electric heater should be carried out as required by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • A grounded outlet for the boiler must be provided.
  • The installation of a check valve is obligatory.
  • An empty water heater usage is unacceptable.
  • The constant temperature of water heating in the boiler above the maximum value is not acceptable. It should not exceed 120-140 degrees to avoid the indispensability of water heater repair.
  • The performance of an annual heating device check is a must.

Guided by these rules, you will save the automation and electrics of your devices and thereby avoid the water heater repair.

Features of Water Heaters By Type Of Water Warming Up

According to the principle of heating liquid, heaters are divided into:

  •  flowing
  •  cumulative

Flowing boilers are more compact, but have greater power consumption. Accumulative type water heaters – with a tank, in contrast, are characterized by low energy consumption. The main feature of this type of heaters, which directly affects their service life, is the quality and composition of the water that enters the device. Finding a contractor will eliminate problems with the boilers.

Using instantaneous liquid heaters, several points can be provided with hot water. The heating rate of fluid in such devices is almost instantaneous. Basic recommendations for using this appliance are:

  •  Make sure your wiring can withstand the power consumption of the device.
  •  If the water is hard, install a magnetic water softener.
  •  Check the device according to the operating conditions of the manufacturer.

In a boiler, water heating occurs smoothly, up to 120-140 degrees. Such devices can also provide several points of hot water. Finding a contractor will help to arrange things.

To omit water heater repair and prolong the life of a boiler will help the following prescriptions:

  • The pressure of the liquid entering the device must be set as required by the instructions.
  • Periodic changing of the magnesium anode is preferable (its life is indicated in the user manual).
  • Installation of a magnetic softener, if the fluid is hard, is implied.
  • Cleaning of the boiler from hard water precipitation at least once a year is a must, consider finding a contractor.
  • Heating up the water continuously at maximum is not recommended.
  • Once a month, disinfect the tank by heating the water as much as possible.

These recommendations will help you increase the life of your device and to constantly enjoy the hot water in your home. Take care of your household and entrust the execution of qualified works to professionals, think about finding a contractor, and make your life easier. If your boiler still needs repair or replacement, be sure to contact the service center first and only then proceed to take the matter into your own hands.


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