Have A Heart Ministry assists Jamaican communities

Miramar, FL – Nearly two-and one-half tons of needed items were distributed in communities in ten parishes throughout Jamaica as seven missionaries from the Lighthouse Holiness Church in Miramar recently accomplished their eighth annual ‘Have A Heart Ministry’ program to the island.

The Florida-based ministry, led by Pastor Letoria Derizzio, along with several volunteers from local church groups in Jamaica, spent nearly one-week distributing clothing, medical supplies and equipment, non-perishable foods and educational supplies to families as well as institutions in eight parishes. These included Kingston, Portland, St. Thomas, St Ann, St. Catherine, Clarendon, Manchester, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth.

On arrival to the island, distribution centers are set up so that the team can coordinate activities with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, local churches and schools.

Medical supplies and equipment including beds, wheel chairs and walkers, were presented to hospitals and health clinics, while families and individuals received personal packages.

In addition, feeding programs were carried out with local volunteers in nursing homes.

Pastor Derizzio expressed fulfillment after the team had accomplished their mission assisting those in need, she added. With a zeal for mission work the Pastor noted that the motivation to assist persons in need was the primary objective to starting the Have A Heart Mission, eight years ago in her home parish, Westmoreland.

Today, the program has grown to ‘a church with a mission’ she noted, indicating that hundreds of families and individuals were grateful for the packages they received, adding that a pocket bible was placed in every package distributed.

The Pastor explained that as the team returned to South Florida, the church family would begin collection drives for the following year, leaving no time wasted, she emphasized. After a year’s collection, the team begins preparation for its mission in late summer months.

Letoria Derizzio expressed gratitude to the medium-size congregation of over 100 hundred members noting that the effectiveness of the program annually is a testament to their commitment.

Several organizations including Air Jamaica, Caribbean Ocean Shipping Company, local manufacturers and distributors, corporations, church groups, public offices including the Jamaica Consulate in Miami and the Ministry of Finance in Jamaica were also instrumental in another successful ‘Have a Heart Mission.

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